A James Bond Martini and your Hitachi Magic Wand

A James Bond Martini and your Hitachi Magic Wand

How perfect would the evening be if you could have a stiff, well made martini, and a few hours with your magical Hitachi Magic Wand? Pretty darn perfect! Read below for a rundown on how to make a James Bond caliber martini and then treat your Octopussy well with your Hitachi Magic Wand.

Very few bars know how to make a good martini. With this said, only a couple places in town know how to make a GREAT martini. Let’s take a look at the basic ingredients needed for your very own tini:

1.Martini Glass
2.Premium Vodka (We recommend Ciroc or Grey Goose)
4.Green olives
5.Olive Juice
6.Martini Shaker
8.Long Toothpick or cocktail stick

The first thing you will want to do is wash your martini glass and put it in your freezer for at least 45 minutes while it’s wet. This allows the glass to freeze and become ice cold. If you don’t have patience for this you alcoholic fiend, you can fill the martini glass to the top with ice and add water while letting it sit for 2-3 minutes. Once your glass is ice cold, you should put a dash of Vermouth in the glass. This shouldn’t be more than a small dash for a little flavor. The next step is adding ice and vodka to your martini shaker. We recommend adding ice up to the middle section of the shaker and then adding 4 ounces of Vodka to it.

Ciroc is made of grapes and Grey Goose is derived from potatoes so both of them might have a slight difference in taste. For this articles purposes, we will be using Ciroc in our martini. You will want to vigorously shake the vodka for 35 seconds and then pour it into your martini glass. We like our martinis a little dirty for flavor so we recommend adding a splash of olive juice. After adding the juice, you are almost done. Spear 3 olives on a toothpick or cocktail stick and vwalah, you have a James Bond caliber martini that is ready to kick your butt!

After sipping on this fine drink, head over to the couch, plug in your Hitachi Magic Wand and relax. The strong buzz from the martini and the intoxicating buzz from the Hitachi massager will blow your mind. From the staff of HitachiMagic.com, enjoy!

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