Amazon sold Hitachi Massager

Amazon sold Hitachi Massagers, unarguable one of the most popular product based web sites in the world, is having some copy write problems with some of it’s products. Opportunists never sleep and this seems to be the case for many sellers on Amazon selling replica items and passing them off to loyal Amazon buyers as authentic. Items such as tools, watches, clothing and even sex toys including Hitachi Massagers seem to be the newest item these scammers are targeting due to it’s popularity and demand. What does this mean for people who purchase a fake Hitachi Massager? Well, it means you will probably be stuck with it for a while unless you want to dispute the sale through Amazon which is never quick and easy.

It’s one of the oldest scams in the book. Selling a replica item as a real name brand piece has been done for many years. In fact, scamming of this sort goes back to the 1800’s when gold nuggets were replicated from rocks and paint and passed off to the naive. Here we are in 2012 and nothing really has changed. All that’s happened is technology has drastically changed and these scammers are getting very savvy. is an authentic Hitachi retailer of the Hitachi Magic Wand but even we have a hard time spotting a fake from the naked eye. Of course when we pick up an authentic Hitachi Massager and a fake one, we can tell from the feel and weight that it’s authentic but what about the people who have never seen or held a Hitachi Massager? They wouldn’t know the real one from the fake one would they? Well this is at least what these scammers are hoping for when they list fake Hitachi Massagers on Amazon.

When the price is too good to be true, it probably is. $54.95 is the rock bottom price Hitachi allows for these massagers to be sold and this is what provides it for. We want our customers to be able to own the real deal while also getting the best deal possible. Although you can find the Hitachi Massager on Amazon for this price and probably cheaper, you won’t always be 100% sure it’s genuine. Let us assure you from firsthand experience, the fake versions don’t perform anything like the authentic Hitachi Massager and definitely doesn’t last the 10+years the Hitachi Massager has been known to last. Buy from a trusted source. We stand behind our brand and encourage you to go with an Hitachi Magic Wand (HV250R) expert like us.

As always, we are available 24/7 for questions around the Hitachi brand or Hitachi Massager products.

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