Beat stress with a Hitachi Magic Wand

Don’t let stress bully you into submission. Beat Stress with a Hitachi Magic Wand

Stress can be overwhelming and the cause the many family and personal problems we encounter. recently received an email from a young man who expressed his frustration with his boss and explained how a stressful situation took over his life. There are ways around stress and the solution might be right under your eyes. In came the Hitachi Magic Wand.


I honestly did not realise how much stress can affect your life until a few months ago. I’ve been working in a Real Estate Office ever since I left school, and didn’t really think of it as s stressful job until a few months ago. I thought that I coped really well with the pressure of being sales manager, and that was until we had a new area manager, who was constantly on at us day after day, telling us we had to meet new ‘targets’ and ‘figures.’

To be totally truthful with you, the man is an arrogant and bullying bastard, who only seems happy when he is instilling the fear of God into the rest of us with tales that we will all lose our jobs if we don’t step up to the mark. I thought I was coping okay until I started experiencing palpitations and chest pain. I really thought that I was heading for a heart attack, so I decided to stop off and see my old friend Tom, who is a GP, on my way home from work one evening. I stopped by his, and his wife told me that he had gone for a drink, so I joined him down at the bar.

As I sipped a red wine, (apparently it’s good for the heart!) I told him about what I had been feeling lately. He told me he couldn’t make a proper diagnosis without checking my blood pressure, etc. but from what I told him, he seemed to think that I was suffering from panic attacks and stress. He told me that I should attempt to relax more, and go for a walk in the fresh air most nights to clear my head.

I had a quick look on the computer when I got home about the symptoms of stress and how they can make you feel, and one of the articles mentioned alleviating tense muscles could help you to feel better. I stumbled across a website selling massagers, called a Hitachi Magic Wand, and so I thought that I would give one a try. I am pleased to say that it has helped to relieve my aching muscles every night, and therefore has made one of my more uncomfortable symptoms a lot more bearable. My wife now wants to try a a Hitachi Magic wand, so we are going to order one for her as well.

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