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Magic Wand Original HV260

A Magic Wand – Stress free magic and this ain’t your common magic stick

Is a magic wand all you really need to live stress free?

According to women who have opted into providing feedback about stress relief, a magic wand is all you really need to reduce stress. Hitachi Corporation keeps their magical invention a secret when it comes to public relations because they don’t want to be know as the company who produced a magic wand for sexual stimulation purposes. For this reason, Hitachi let’s local California based sex toy distributers handle their product while Hitachi Corp can focus on their primary source of business (Power tools, Computers, TV’s, etc). Of course Hitachi wouldn’t do something as crazy as discontinue a best selling item when it’s been a very lucrative item for their business.

So where did Hitachi dream up the idea for a magic wand? Well this isn’t a new prototype that was released to the public last year. The original Hitachi Magic Wand has been the best selling massager/vibrator for the past 25+ years and continues to hold major market share with other competing sex toy manufacturers. The reason why Hitachi has maintained major market share is by following one main business principle many businesses forget. They KIS = Kept it simple. Consumers want solid, reliable items when purchasing a magic wand or any type of vibrator because they want the item to never fail them in the time of need and to last for a long time. Hitachi has done just this with the magic wand.

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