Does size really matter when you own a Hitachi Massager?

Does size really matter when you own a Hitachi Massager?

The size of your partner and how content you are really depends on the type of person you really are. Okay, okay, let’s put the BS aside for just a moment! Does size matter? Of course it does! The fact is, the average penis size is 4.5 inches and the human vagina could only really take in about 6 inches of penis so you have to ask yourself if you are below, at or above average when it comes to measuring the magic stick! If you do fall a little short, have no fear! The Hitachi Massager could help you get over your insecurity and dash some Tabasco on to your sex life. Read below to find out more!

Almost every man in the world thinks they fall short in the penis size area but most of the time, it’s all in their head. Some men are in fact very hung and quite lucky but most men don’t have this luxury. Let us have some fun and evaluate the pros and cons of having a large member:

1. You can have sex in almost any position and never really be completely hard.
2. You can sport a major bulge in some tight pants, which shows the world “Hey, I’m packing a 44 Magnum and you’re not!”
3. If every business venture you try fails, you could always resort to being a Porn Star.
4. You get the pleasure of going to your local pharmacy and asking if Magnum condoms are the largest they carry.
5. You can make childish comments to people such as “Suck my big fat foot long” and actually mean it!

1. Your penis could take a dip in the toilet when you sit down to go #2…Trust me, it’s never a good feeling! 😉
2. You could be classified as “Too Big” to women and they will avoid getting drilled by your power tool,
3. You can never hide an erection, even in situations where you must like at family events or even worse at your child’s parent teacher conference.
4. You could never feel the bounce of a nice ass when you hit it doggy style since your anaconda is too big.
5. Last but not least…ahhh who are we kidding, there can’t be 5 cons with a large dick. But if we must…some might consider you gay, not that there is anything wrong with that, if you could suck your own penis! Just sayin…

If you do fall a little short, buying a Hitachi Massager is the smartest thing you could do man! Think about this for a second. You are pounding away on your wife or girlfriend and you are ready to pop. You have had a long day so all you could think about is finishing up and going to watch the game on TV. If you have a Hitachi Massager handy, you could always finish and spend some time with the Hitachi Massager and your significant other while sneaking in clips of the game on TV. We suggest the Wonder Wand attachment and the multi speed controller so you can drive her up the wall quickly and call it a night. 10 minutes with this puppy and she will have at least 2 orgasms. Check out the Platinum Package for more details on the perfect method to keeping the lady happy!

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