Fem-Deluxe is a Hitachi Magic Wand hit!

The Fem-Deluxe Hitachi Magic Wand package has women raving

Hitachi Magic Wand

HitachiMagic.com released a few new products about a couple months ago and they have been a huge hit with our customers. HitachiMagic.com is about to release many new items in the next couple weeks that work very well with the Hitachi Magic Wand and will knock your socks off! Till then, enjoy this honest review from one of our happy customers who purchased the Fem-Deluxe package.

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for creating such an amazing package called the Fem-Deluxe Hitachi Magic Wand package. I happen to see your website on Google and thought you had an interest line of products which I might be interested in. I’m not oblivious to the Hitachi Magic Wand and have owned 2 wands prior to this purchase through your company.

I browsed through all of your packages and narrowed my choice down to two packages I was really interested in. The first one I loved was “Her Package” which includes a bottle of my favorite lube by ID Glide, the Hitachi Magic Wand and the G-Spotter attachment. Although I was pretty convinced on getting this package, something told me to keep browsing around. I went to Amazon and eBay and didn’t see cool bundled packages which were on your website so I immediately came back.

I clicked on this cool sounding package called the Fem-Deluxe which automatically blew me away. This package had everything I wanted and was perfect for what I was looking for. There is an interactive image of the Flutter Tip in action on your website and I got goose bumps when I realized what this thing would do to me! So I told myself, this package had the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Flutter Tip, a Wand Speed controller and a bottle of my favorite lube by ID Glide. This was the ultimate package for ME and I had to have it.

I was curious about the shipping since I wanted this package quick and preferred USPS over UPS so I contacted you wonderful guys. After a very polite dialogue with one of your staff members and then being notifying that the Fem-Deluxe would be shipped USPS Priority Mail, I had a smile on my face from ear to ear.

What else could I say. The package arrived in 2 days and it was all history after that. It’s been three weeks since I have had this wonderful Fem-Deluxe Hitachi Magic Wand package in my possession and I still get excited to come home to it. Thank you SO MUCH for a great product from a great group of people.

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