His & Her Hitachi Magic Wand Package for Valentines

His & Her Hitachi Magic Wand Package is what you need this year.

If you’re like most men or women, you want to make your significant other feel special for Valentines Day which happens to be right around the corner. You could go the conventional route and purchase overpriced flowers, chocolates and balloons. This is the obvious easy and thoughtless option. You could however do something different this year. The option we are going to suggest involves the Hitachi Magic Wand so if you want to stay mainstream, no need to read any further. If you do want to spice things up a bit, make the gift buying process easy on yourself and give your significant other something you two will never forget, then read more to find out.

Since Valentines Day is about two weeks away, most upscale restaurants are already booked for dinner and are not accepting any new reservations. So what should you do? You could try to call all the popular restaurants and basically beg to be on their reservation list so you can pay them well over $150 for a nice dinner? If pride is not an issue, then this is a viable option. What about roses which will run you around $60-$80 this time of year? Yeah, you could buy some of those as well. How about a box of chocolates? You aren’t going to get a nice box of chocolate for under $20 so fork it over! Let’s take a minute and do some simple math shall we?

Dinner – $150 +
Roses/Flowers – $60 +
Box of Chocolates – $20 +
Grand Total – $230 for ONE night.

His & Her Hitachi Magic Wand Package

Here is another option for you which will allow you to stay home, cook a nice meal, have some nice wine, spend about the same amount of money and get straight to the point of what Valentines Day really stands for. We’re talking about some serious lovemaking! The His & Her Package has it all and should make this Valentines Day/Night one you will never forget. With the purchase of the His & Her Package, you get the following items:

His & Her Package
* Two Hitachi Magic Wand Massagers
* Two Wand Essential Speed Controllers
* One Wonder Wand Attachment
* One G-Spotter Attachment
* One Men’s Hummingbird Attachment
* One bottle of Anal-Eze cream
* One bottle of STA-HARD cream (Keeps you like a rock!)
* One bottle of ID-Glide water-based lubricant for her
* One bottle of Gun Oil water-based lubricant for him

Now doesn’t having all these items sound like a fun filled night?

If you want to add something to the His & Her Package or substitute for another item, HitachiMagic.com we will be more than happy to accommodate your request. Just Contact Us.

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