Hitachi Magic Wand – The wand that never stops pleasuring you

The Hitachi Magic Wand – The wand that never stops pleasuring you

Magic Wand OriginalHitachi Magic Wand. Those 3 magical words have changed lives all over the world. Truth be told, the Hitachi magic wand is just a little shy from amazing. What makes this device so amazing? The answer to that question is simple, it makes women orgasm easier and quicker than almost every vibrator available. The Hitachi Magic Wand is different from many of the massagers/vibrators available because it’s truly original. The look of the wand has often been replicated but never has come close to the true quality of an original Hitachi Magic Wand.

Women who know about the wand know that the soft rubber 2.5 inch diameter head can please any area a women can dream of. Most women only use the Hitachi Magic Wand by itself without any accessories or attachments and only concentrate on the vaginal area. However, some women that like different type of stimulation, such as anal stimulation, could enjoy one of many attachments made for the Hitachi to please them. Hitachi Magic offers the G Spotter and the Wonder Wand as a safe, irritation free, attachment that could be used for vaginal and anal penetration. You can view the attachments to the Hitachi Magic Wand HERE.

Many of Hitachi Magic’s customers like to order accessories with their Hitachi Magic Wand. These accessories come in many different shapes and curves. The G Spotter is one of the most popular attachments due to the curve of the item stimulating the clitoris in a very exciting way. It is best to use water based lube on the attachment and to always cover it with a condom when using the G Spotter or Wonder Wand with multiple partners. The plastic from these attachments are made from food grade plastic that will never irritate you or cause any type of infection so purchase with confidence.

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