Hitachi Massager – A day in the life of a working woman

Hitachi Massager – A day in the life of a working woman

It’s 6AM and you’re laying in your bed looking at the ceiling wondering how the hell you will make it through the day. A few glances at the alarm clock on your nightstand reminds you how quickly the time to get up approaches. It is Wednesday morning and the dawn pours in through your windows but all you can think about are the politics, commute, personalities, deadlines and your boss at work. You suddenly get nauseous because in 20 minutes, you actually have to rise up out of bed and start your day. Suddenly, you get this tingling feeling in your lower belly which rushes a split second of excitement that makes your heart skip a beat but then resume twice as fast after. You tell yourself that you will be 10 minutes late to work today because you have a date with a friend. This friend, magical some might call, is your Hitachi massager.

As you open the bottom drawer of your night stand, you see your friend laying there waiting for some attention. The moment after you plug in your Hitachi massager and lay in bed again under the covers, you realize you will be ready to tackle any obstacle life has to throw at you after a mouth watering orgasm from this beauty. Starting the Hitachi massager in the low speed function is your favorite because it wakes up your vagina like a cup of coffee wakes up the soul. After about 5 minutes of sensual stimulation at a low speed, you decide to turn it up for a powerful burst of vibration tingling your inside down to your toes.

You are 15 minutes into your private time with your Hitachi massager and the tension build up is intense. You reach in the highlight reel for a sexy image of a partner that you know or want to know. This image quickly gets you to the grand finale you have been yearning for. The rush of an orgasm has never felt better and it’s lasting so long with the Hitachi massager. After a couple deep breaths and a sigh of relief, you tuck your favorite friend back in the lower drawer and stand up strong, fully energized, and ready to take on the world.

Hitachi Magic can get you there when you need to with the authentic HV-260 Hitachi massager. Start off your morning right. What are you waiting for?

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