Hitachi Massager time with your partner

Hitachi Massager time with your partner

The night is almost here in the west coast and it has been a long week. We all find it difficult to juggle all the priorities we have in life such as work, children, significant others, finances, etc. Sometimes, you just want to scream right? Do you often find yourself wondering where you are in your life and if “this” is really it? If you find yourself falling in this depression hole we have described above, STOP! STOP STOP STOP! Life is good people and we have to be thankful for what we have and not focus on all the things we don’t have. So quit whining, grab your Hitachi Massager and start pleasuring yourself because this is going to be the first step in getting in the right mood.

Not sure about our readers but for us, sex truly is the best relief we can ask for. Something tells us, many people feel the same way. Sex gives you that exciting rush that makes you heart skip a beat when the possibility for it arises. That split second moment when you and your partner give each other the look that says “Ohh, I’m going to take you right now!” If your sex life has been dull lately, take charge and do something about it! Grab a sex toy, any sex toy to be honest, and pleasure your partner with it till they climax. Repeat this over and over till it’s your turn. We forget that sex doesn’t have to be the same thing over and over again. You don’t have to jump on him/her and get there in a few minutes.

Driving your partner crazy with the Hitachi Massager is very easy to do. Trust us! Here is what we recommend to spice up your love life. Blindfold your partner and make sure they lay naked on a bed. Turn the fan on so they can feel the cool breeze on their naked body and start massaging their WHOLE body with the Hitachi Massager. We are recommending that you start at the toes and go all the way up to the neck. You will want to then make sure you massage their private areas extra so he or she climaxes with this device at least 2 times. Blindfolding your partner makes sex fun and exciting and is more common than most think. If you want to take it up a notch, you could also handcuff or tie your partner so they cannot resist you or the Hitachi Massager when it’s being used on them. These are just a couple suggestions recommends. Let us know if you need any additional pointers!

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