Is your Hitachi Magic Wand real?

Is your Hitachi Magic Wand real?
How do you know your Hitachi Magic Wand is real? Did you buy it on Amazon? What about on eBay? If you have purchased the Hitachi from any of these price sensitive sites, there is a chance you purchased a replica and didn’t even know it. is a California based authentic Hitachi Magic Wand retailer and we are in the business of providing quality products that are sure to last many years.

So the real question is, why do people fall for these cheap replicas online? The answer is very simple, price. The price of fake Hitachi Magic Wand’s go as low as $18, we have seen it with our own eyes! So what the consumer gets for $18 is a mass-produced electronic copy of the Hitachi Magic Wand that differs in weight, style, quality, internal electronics, strength and more. The worst part about these replicas are they sport the “Hitachi Magic Wand” name which is very illegal.

Hitachi is cracking down on companies manufacturing these replica massagers from China and is doing so with aggressive legal practices. Hitachi is going after the retailers, wholesalers, distributors and anyone else involved in the illegal and downright unethical sales of these Hitachi wannabe massagers. China, and many other countries, mass-produce these massagers using unsafe electrical standards and often put together these vibrators without considering the consumer’s safety and well being. What consumers have to be aware of if they purchased a replica Hitachi is they’re in risk of electrical malfunction and potential fire from these products.

So how can you tell if your Hitachi Magic Wand is real? Below are 5 main points you want to make sure you look out for:

1.Weight – The Hitachi Magic Wand is heavy so be aware of cheap lightweight designs.
2.Power Switch – The Hitachi Magic Wand has the off position in the middle on its switch where the fake versions have the off button on the bottom position.
3.The 2-inch diameter top is one piece where the fake versions are two and detach.
4.The Hitachi Magic Wand only comes with the 110/120V power version. Fake versions are offered in the 220V.
5.Authentic Hitachi Magic Wand’s have a 1 year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase.

You can count on to provide the lowest prices on authentic Hitachi Magic Wands. Try one for yourself!

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