Magic Wand Massager for your husband

Ladies, today is the day to celebrate your husband as the love of your life and the father of your children.  If you haven’t purchased anything for him yet, take a look at three Magic Wand Massager choices he will absolutely LOVE and never forget.  After all, most men don’t really want a BBQ set.  🙂

Magic Wand Original HV260

His Package

Hummingbird“His Package” is a custom made Magic Wand Massager package which includes the original Magic Wand Massager by Hitachi, a bottle of water based lubricant by Gun Oil and the world famous Hummingbird attachment.  Take real good care of your man today by having him lay down, lubed up and slide on the Magic Wand Massager with the Hummingbird attachment.  Watch his eyes as he journeys down ecstasy lane and feel good about making this day very special for him.

Commando Package

M-Gasm“Commando Package” is also a custom made Magic Wand Massager package which includes the Magic Wand Massager by Hitachi, a bottle of water based lubricant by Gun Oil, the M-Gasm real life masturbator and a speed controller which allows him to pleasure himself far away from any plug socket.  True commandos need rugged gear and this is exactly what the Commando Package provides.  Get him this package and he is sure to use it for years to come.

Gentlemen Love Package

Who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds when it comes to their man?  Well if you like “His Package” and the “Commando Package,” the “Gentlemen Love Package” might be just the perfect Magic Wand Massager package for him.  This amazing bundled package has everything the previous two packages have and is sure to make your gentlemen begging for more.

It’s not to late to get him one of these three exciting packages, even if you got him a “Kiss Me, I’m the Cook” apron already.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions on our Magic Wand Massager packages or if you would like your very own custom package created.

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