My Hitachi Massager is all I need

My Hitachi Massager is all I need received an email from a previous customer who shares their experience with their Hitachi Massager after a long night of partying. Read the actual email below for a great lesson on how to properly recover with your Hitachi Massager after a long night of drinking.


Waking up with a major hangover is not the best feeling in the world after a night of drinking with friends. Sure, it’s fun to drink and act crazy in the moment but now I’m definitely paying the price. I woke up this morning around 7AM with a pounding headache and this feeling in my stomach that made me nauseous right away. I could taste the multiple shots of Patron in my mouth and it feels so nasty. I have been here before and it’s not fun. It all started when my friend Jamie and I went to Hollywood for a mini celebration. You see, Jamie just got a promotion for the marketing firm she works for and I promised her that we could celebrate.

After picking her up around 7:30PM, we went and had dinner at her favorite sushi place, Sushi Roku. Dinner was excellent as always so things were off to a great start. I had ordered unfiltered Sake and beer with our meal to get the night started. After dinner, we decided to go to Skybar to continue the night and of course, keep our drink on. Our poison of choice for the evening was going to be Patron Tequila. I approached the bar tender, who was SUPER cute by the way, and requested 2 double shots of chilled Patron. 2 hours later and 3 double shots each into our night is when we decided to take a cab to Vanguard, a local Mega dance club in Hollywood.

Vanguard was beyond packed and they were playing some amazing music from the top trance DJ’s. Needless to say, our Patron journey continued till 2AM when the bar closed. There was no way Jamie or I could drive so we both took a cab home and left my car in Hollywood. I hated having to do this but I had no choice. The night was amazing and I woke up with a smile immediately accompanied by my viscous hangover. My remedy to this feeling I have this Sunday morning is 2 Advil’s, a strong black cup of coffee and an hour with my Hitachi Massager. There is something that makes me so horny after a night of drinking. I’m glad I have my Hitachi Massager to make my hangover a little less painful.


Anonymous Party Chic.

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