New Hitachi Magic Wand Packages releases some new Hitachi Magic Wand Packages

What is better than new Hitachi Magic Wand packages?! NOTHING! Nothing is better than having your very own authentic Hitachi Magic Wand with some of the best selling massager attachments bundled together for one explosive package that is sure to keep you having fun for years to come. Read about the differences in our new packages and which one might be just right for you. As always mentioned, if you would like your very own package created, contact us for the best quote.

Hitachi Magic Wand

Tri-Gasm Hitachi Magic Wand Package

The Tri-Gasm Package was created by popular demand from customers who wanted the Tri-Gasm attachment incorporated into a bundle that would not only produce earth shattering orgasms but would also last for a very long time. The Tri-Gasm package contains your very own authentic Hitachi Magic Wand backed by a 1-year warranty from defects or other electrical issues. You also get the Tri-Gasm attachment made of food grade quality vinyl, which is safe to use with your very own bottle of ID-Glide water based lubricant, which is of course included in this wonderful package. Last but not least, you also get the Wand Speed Controller which performs the function of speed/intensity control while acting like an extension cord when you want to have some fun with your Hitachi Magic Wand far away from a power socket.

G-Tip Hitachi Magic Wand Package

The G-Tip package contains some very similar items to the Tri-Gasm because these attachments come from the same family of companies who created this wonderful accessory. The G-Tip contains the original Hitachi Magic Wand, the G-Tip attachment, a bottle of ID-Glide and the Wand Speed Controller. Depending on your desired flavor or mood you’re in, the Tri-Gasm or G-Tip package is sure to get you there and get you there quickly!

Tri-Tip Hitachi Magic Wand Package

No, you won’t get a barbecued piece of meat sent to you although the name could lead people to think otherwise. If you can’t decide between the G-Tip package or the Tri-Gasm package, get both of them bundled into one by purchasing the Tri-Tip Package. The Tri-Tip package contains the Hitachi Magic Wand, G-Tip, Tri-Gasm, a bottle of ID-Glide water based lube and of course the Wand Speed Controller. This item is already a hit and sure to keep you going for hours.

Nuzzle Hitachi Magic Wand Package

Do you really need a Hitachi Magic Wand attachment that curves and hits your G-spot better than anyone ever has? If you answered yes to that question, then look no further. The Nuzzle package is made of high quality TPE that is not only safe on your body but can be used with different types of water-based lubricants. This alien looking attachment might look different but will make you scream from pleasure within seconds. There is no substitute for the combination of a strong Hitachi massager motor with the addition of the nuzzle tip.

Stay tuned for additional packages we add to our line of products which only provide the option of the high quality Hitachi Magic Wand.

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