Shopping for the Hitachi Magic Wand

An ordinary shopping day for an unordinary Hitachi Magic Wand.

Another satisfied customer writes us to explain how they stumbled across the Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand ShoppingShopping, love it or hate it, it is a necessity which can be a huge cause of arguments between men and women. Women tend to love to shop, just ‘because,’ whereas men, on the whole, go shopping for a reason. Men also tend to think that they know better than women when it comes to shopping for certain electrical items. Whether you are looking for a drill, or a new TV, men have the misconception that ‘we know best,’ and I include myself in that. After all, what would a woman know about buying a drill? I thought. How wrong could I be!

You see women tend to do their research before they leave the house, (my wife is a master, or should I say mistress (!) at that.) In all honesty, she puts me to shame. She will produce a sheaf of paperwork regarding statistics, battery life, best place to purchase, and no end of other ‘useful’ facts and figures, whereas I would tend to go on a friend’s recommendation, or just the fact that I knew the make was a well-known one.

Now my wife and I enjoy a wonderful, open relationship and one that is experimental in the bedroom, if you catch my drift. So when we decided a few weeks ago to purchase some new toys for the bedroom, out came my wife’s lap-top. “We need to do our research,” she proclaimed as usual, and began surfing the internet, and looking for on-line sex stores. I don’t know about you, but have you noticed that sometimes when you are looking for one thing, you end up going off on a tangent and finding something else? Well that’s what happened with us.

In our search for a new vibrator we came across a website neither of us were familiar with, and that was one that was selling the Hitachi Magic wand. “Look at this,” my wife announced. “This Hitachi Wand looks good. Not only is it a vibrator, but you can use it as a massager as well. That would work out good value for money, because you know how my back aches after a day at work.” She did her research and looked at all the positive customer reviews, with the result that we ended up ordering one. was the website we ordered this Hitachi from and we couldn’t be happier about our purchase.

I guess she didn’t need to research much on this one did she? Thank you Google and thank you for the Hitachi Magic Wand!

Hitachi Magic Wand

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