The Hitachi Massager is as good as GOLD!

The Gold Package makes the Hitachi Massager one of a kind!
One of the hottest items we sell is the Gold Package by With this package, you get the authentic Hitachi Magic Wand, which comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty. With the Gold Package, you get the G-Spotter, a wonderful food grade quality plastic attachment, custom made for the Hitachi Massager. With the G-Spotter, you will hit those sensitive areas that drive you crazy in a matter of seconds. The Wonder Wand, also included in the Gold Package, is the same quality plastic attachment as the G-Spotter but without a curve. Pretending this attachment is a real penis will not be difficult at all since it has the same length and width of the average male. Of course, the male penis does not vibrate so watch out for the Hitachi Massager guys!

Check out your very own Gold Package here and don’t forget to try out some lubricants as well. Most customers will purchase the Hitachi Massager including the Gold Package and then come back to purchase some ID Glide Lube or Gun Oil. Save yourself the trouble and get the right package the first time. Be sure to look at all of our custom packages as we most likely have one that is perfect for you! You owe it to yourself to have the best massager in the world. Thousands of happy men and women can’t be wrong about this magical machine so get your very own today!

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