The Magic Wand – What would you do for the real deal?

The Magic Wand – What would you do for the real deal?
Finding The Magic Wand of your dreams could be difficult to find in todays overcrowded market of vibrators and massagers. There are many imitators that claim to be The Magic Wand by Hitachi but this isn’t always the case. Lately, has come across many nightmare stories of consumers who have purchased what they thought was the original version of The Magic Wand. We feel bad for these people, we truly do. However, we also are a firm believer in the fact that if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Read below about the story of Rick Walters, a Canadian gent who resides in West Virginia. He got screwed by purchasing a replica Hitachi Magic Wand and wants to help others avoid the same mistake.


I write to you today in disgust because of what happened to me last week when I thought I was purchasing The Magic Wand by Hitachi. I looked online and saw that the lowest price I could find for the Hitachi Magic Wand was on your site for $54.95. I thought this was a fairly good priced so I thought I would order it. Something must have came over me because I told myself I should check around online to see if I can find a lower price. Needless to say, there were many companies offering The Magic Wand at a lower price than what your company had advertised if for. Little did I know, they were advertising a fake version of The Magic Wand. is an online company which allows people all over the world to purchase items manufactured over seas. I found 6 companies on Alibaba that were selling what seemed to be The Magic Wand by Hitachi. Boy was I wrong. I placed an order for 5 massagers with one Chinese company because he gave it to me for $20 each including shipping. Not a bad deal for getting 5 massagers I planned on giving as gifts for $100 right? Wrong I was because only 2 out of these 5 massagers actually worked. All the boxes were bent and ripped apart from the shipping, one even looked used because it had a black hair on it.

I told myself how could a company like Hitachi do this to someone? Why would they sell such a cheap product that doesn’t even work? Well after a little research and contacting the company I purchased these fakes through, I realized I was scammed and was not going to get my money back by this company who was pretending to have authentic Hitachi Magic Wands. The true lesson is learned and if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. I hope your readers could learn from my mistake.


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