What can the Hitachi Wand do for you?

What can the Hitachi Wand do for you?

Have you ever wondered if your sexual life will ever get back to where it was when you were younger? Those exciting days when you could get in the mood in a matter of seconds and could actually last for hours seem out of reach doesn’t it? There is a solution to getting your stamina back and it starts with the Hitachi Wand. The Hitachi Wand could help you get back on track to an exciting love life and skyrocket your stamina, to where you feel young again. Read below for some tips on how to use this magical device to get back on track.

Let’s face it, all people get lazy if they don’t practice something. This is true for Tennis, Golf, Basketball, reading, writing, etc. Your sex life is also something you must practice on if you want to please yourself and your partner forever. The Hitachi Wand will help any man or woman get back on track to being a sex panther in bed. All you have to do is practice achieving an orgasm at least once a day. For women, try turning on the Hitachi Wand and putting it in your lap where it lays without holding it. You should try to achieve an orgasm without applying pressure to your vaginal area and just let the Hitachi Wand do all the work. This will be extremely difficult at first and you will want to hold it with your hand and apply pressure to your vagina but stop the urge to do so. After a couple weeks or even a month if need be, you will notice that climaxing with just a slight vibration will build up your stamina.

For men, you will want to do a similar exercise and start the Hitachi Wand on the low speed function. While lying back on a bed, leave the Hitachi Wand on your penis and testicle area while thrusting in a back and forth position. Climaxing will be VERY hard in this position and might take a very long time to actually get there. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t ever get there because some won’t be able to. However, practice makes perfect so trying this out for a month or two will help you last a lot longer in bed when you are making love to your partner.

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