Buying a real Magic Wand Original vs a Replica Hitachi Magic Wand

When an item is popular and ends up being one of the best selling devices in the world, naturally this is going to gain the attention from copycat’s around the world.  This is true for any electronic item or really any item that a demand is created for.  Jewelery, Clothing, Shoes, Electronics such as the Magic Wand Original, DVD movies, Computer Software and more all fall into the category of potential replica’s when opportunists try to make a buck from the original manufacturers creation while violating trademarks and other intellectual property.

The Magic Wand Original HV260, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand HV-250R, is no exception to this strategy and has gone through a good amount of heartache due to these unethical manufacturers.  One of the largest areas where replica items are sold are on price sensitive sites such as eBay, Amazon, Nextag and many more.  The truth is, there are many honest sellers of products on these price sensitive sites who are just trying to make a living providing goods to consumers.  We classify sellers on these price sensitive sites into two categories:

  1. The honest seller who has no idea the manufacturer/distributor he or she purchased the items from for resale are replicas.  We have seen many requests come our way where consumers purchased the Hitachi Magic Wand from sites like these just to find out that they have been duped into a deal that was too good to be true.
  2. The second type of seller is someone who knows that what they are selling is fake but have the mentality that if they (The seller) cannot even tell a real from the fake, how is the consumer going to.  This is FALSE FALSE FALSE!  Consumers these days, with the help of the internet, are much more savvy then they used to be and know how to search for the best selling, authentic, items.  Not to mention, we do our best to educate our consumers ourselves. 🙂

The number 2 type seller is who we are trying to educate the consumers about through our articles because we honestly want you to know what you are purchasing before you enter your credit card information.  Not to say that the number 1 sellers mentioned above are not at fault as well but often times, mistakes happen and as long as it’s corrected (Money back or item returned), then we are understanding of this situation. These price sensitive sites honestly are doing their best to ensure people do not sell fake, replica, trademarked items on their websites and have a number of ways of determining unscrupulous sellers from the honest ones.  Ebay for example has the feedback feature many people use to determine how well the seller has treated previous customers.  Ebay also has the report a problem feature where any consumer or potential consumer can report an unscrupulous seller to eBay for further research.  Amazon and Nextag have very similar models which help consumers who want to make their purchase online.

You might be thinking, “How is it that these price sensitive sites allow these types of unethical sellers to even participate in their marketplace?”  The reply to this question is not an easy one to answer but we will do our best to address this for our customers.  Anyone with a credit card or PayPal account can create a profile with price sensitive sites and begin selling items within 15 minutes.  These people could sell anything from used lawn furniture to new electronics.  Price sensitive sites do not have the capability to verify the inventory of sellers products due to the volume of sellers in the world.  We wouldn’t assume that sellers at a swap meet have their products scanned and verified by the swap meet authorities would we?  The same is true for price sensitive sites.

 Buying a real Magic Wand Original vs a Replica Hitachi Magic Wand

 Now that you have a better idea of how price sensitive sites work, let’s get down to identifying the common sources of replicas.  Now keep in mind, these marketplaces are NOT only a supplier of replicas.  There are authentic items available.  We are merely going off results from our research on where these fake Magic Wand Original massagers arrive from.

Alibaba is an online import/export company who provides an excellent service to consumers around the world who want to obtain products made in different countries where their trade might be stronger than your parent company.  For example, California is very big on cashews.  Quite honestly, California has some of the best cashews in the world so different companies buy these cashews and import them into their country.  Anyway, back to Alibaba.  A quick search on this site for the Hitachi Wand will produce results of manufacturers around the world who are supposedly selling the Hitachi Wand for a lot less than what it’s available for in North America.  We have contacted many of these companies and even purchased massagers to see what type of product we will get.  Our results have been quite shocking.  After making many different purchases for the Hitachi Massager, we can confirm that not one of the personal massagers we purchased were authentic.  Pretty sad right?

Here is an example/picture of a replica massager

Fake Hitachi Magic Wand

Made-in-China is another company that has been known to provide access to manufacturers around the world who have no problem selling a replica massager to consumers directly or businesses who will resell these items.  There are international laws that are in a grey area so these sellers get away with it. Just to be clear, there are tremendous benefits with sites like Alibaba and Made-in-China and we are in no way telling you not to purchase items from these sites.  We are just providing actual feedback from our experience for Magic Wands.

What is our part in this whole thing and what are we doing about it.

As an authentic Magic Wand Original retailer, we are constantly doing our best to ensure consumers worldwide are educated on what to look for in an authentic massager versus a replica massager.  We also have a small team of consultants constantly reporting unethical sellers on price sensitive sites to the correct authorities and ensure there is an ongoing effort towards disallowing these types of seller from participating in online marketplaces.  This is a job no one pays us for so as you could imagine, we are using limited resources available in stopping fake massager from being sold online and allowing consumers to have that confidence in purchasing from an actual Hitachi approved dealer.

Magic Wand Original HV260If you like what you are reading and this article has helped you determine how to proceed with your Magic Wand purchase, we have done our job well!  If you are still confused on what to look for in a real Hitachi Massager versus a fake one, we have another article you could refer to which provides great detail around this topic and what to exactly look for to verify real vs fake.  It is as follows:

Identifying a Real Hitachi Wand over a Fake Massager

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about this wonderful product and encourage you to ask us any questions about this massager by Contacting Us.

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