Introducing The Magic Wand Plus HV-265

Meet The Magic Wand Plus

The Magic Wand massager family keeps growing with it’s newest member, the Magic Wand Plus.  Being added to the lineup of best-selling vibrators, the model HV-265 will continue to WOW people around the world with its high-quality design aspects and historic functions that have been perfected over a 50 year period.  Let’s learn about the specifications of this massager and why you should consider getting your hands on one.

So what is the Magic Wand Plus?

Magic Wand PlusThe Magic Wand Plus is a 4-speed personal massager/vibrator with a removable power cord for easy storage and use. The removable adapter/power cord was a popularly requested feature from the feedback of customers who enjoy the Magic Wand Original, model HV260.  The Magic Wand Plus has a soft, silicone head and a 3 button design for a simplistic feel.  The three buttons on this device incorporate an on/off button, a power increase “+” button and a power decrease “-” button.  Not to be confused with the Magic Wand Rechargeable massager which is a cordless massager that does not need to be plugged in, the Magic Wand Plus does, in fact, have to be plugged in to be operated.

The newest model, HV-265, operates at 4 intensity levels which include a low setting at 2,700 rpm, medium setting at 3,800 rpm, high setting at 5,400 rpm and an ultra setting at 6,300 rpm.  If you really want to feel the magical powers of the plus, you will hang around the ultra level as long as you can. This model comes with a 6-foot cord and is compatible with power sources that range from 100 – 240v.  This Magic Wand vibrator also referred to as the Hitachi Magic Wand, is a registered FDA device and backed by a full 1-year warranty limited to North America.  With its ETL certification, this device provides consistent, safe use you have been accustomed to for many years.

How many Magic Wand Massager models are there currently?

There are currently three Magic Wand models to choose from.

  1. Magic Wand Original, Model HV260
  2. Magic Wand Plus, Model HV-265
  3. Magic Wand Rechargeable, Model HV270

Take a look at the differences between these units to see which one is the best for you:

Magic Wand Massager Differences

Which one is the strongest?

One of the most common questions asked about these devices is about which one is the strongest?  The quick answer is the Magic Wand Plus and the Magic Wand Rechargeable since they both operate at a peak RPM of 6,300RPM.  This, however, doesn’t mean that the Magic Wand Original, model HV260 is weak by any means.  In fact, the Magic Wand Original does peak at 6,000 RPM on the highest speed which is very close to the strength of the two other models.

Whichever model you do choose, have the confidence knowing that your magic wand will be made of quality materials made to last for many years to come.  Have any questions on this device?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.


How To Choose The Right Personal Massager For You

Picking A Quality Personal Massager You Will Love

When it’s time to purchase a personal massager, there are many specifications one must consider before jumping in and buying just anything out there.  Sure, you can dive head in and just go for a massager that looks nice and pretty but what if it doesn’t perform or is not really safe to use?  Today, we will describe the best way to pick a personal massager and what you should pay special attention to.

What Is It For?

First, figure out the use of this personal massager and if it will be used for therapeutic purposes, recreational purposes or both!  All body massagers are not created equal so it’s important to pay attention to the specifics of the device before opening that wallet and spending your hard earned money.

Once you have figured out the use of this personal massager, its time to understand specifics of how massagers work.  We will cover the top 5 specifications to consider in your handheld massager:

  1. Volts  – Depending on where you are located in the world, the voltage of a massager could be different and should be considered before making your purchase.  For example, the United States has appliances that mostly run on 110 volts while European countries run on 220 volts.  This might not seem like a big difference or something that you should consider but guess what, you have to!  Most newer appliances are made to handle both USA & European Voltages but this is not the case for all appliances.  For example, the Magic Wand Original corded personal massager operates at 110 – 120 volts which is okay to use mostly in North America. The Magic Wand Rechargeable cordless personal massager operates at 110 – 240 volts which can be used in North America and European countries which operate within the 110 – 240-volt threshold.
  2. European PlugPlugs & Prongs – Ever wonder why the plugs/prongs on USA appliances are different compared to European versions?  This difference can be blamed on the evolution of plugs in different regions of the world.  Apparently, no one considered these power plugs should be standardized and consistent when they were being created which is why they differ so much around the world and can have many different variations.  So depending on where you live or travel to, considering the correct plug or an adapter is a must so you aren’t left stranded with a useless personal massager.
  3. Power – Not all massagers pack the same punch so it is important to read about the power capability of the device you are purchasing.  The power rating on devices are usually measured in watts which is what the motor in the device is capable of producing.  This is something to pay attention to but not always 100% rely on.  Let us elaborate.  Some manufacture’s list the wattage of a motor in a device but once these motors are tested through a third party, they could be producing more or less than the stated amount.  This is why it is important to buy your personal massager from a reputable company who has been around for a while.
  4. Weight – Since we are discussing handheld massagers specifically for this article, the weight of the device may be important to you.  Most massagers weight north of 1lb and could get much heavier depending on the style of the device.  The heavier the massager, the more tiring it could be to hold up this device for use.  Most massagers under 2 lbs should not be a problem for an average person to hold in their hand during use.
  5. ETL ListedElectrical Compliance – Having a device that is safe to use should be the number one priority for any consumer.  In fact, this item should have probably been number 1 on this list.  Many reputable manufacturers need to meet certain standards when manufacturing personal massagers.  These standards meet National Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) such as ETL Listing.  For example, the Hitachi Magic Wand, now referred to as the Magic Wand Original HV260, is ETL listed and is also registered with the FDA as a medical device.

There are many other areas to consider such as price, shape, color, material and more when choosing a personal massager but the 5 points above will get you on track to getting the best device which will last for years.

Ready For Hands Free Play With The Magic Wand Original Harness?

Ready For Hands Free Action With The Magic Wand Original Harness?

If you love the Magic Wand Original or the Magic Wand Rechargeable and are ready for hands free action, keep reading about a new accessory that just might blow your mind.

The Passion Pillow Universal Magic Wand Original Harness allows you to attach your favorite wand massager to any standard size pillow and enjoy pleasure time without the need of holding your massaging device.  Although some enjoy and appreciate the vibrations of holding the Magic Wand Original, now you can use this harness for ultimate bedroom pleasure in a true hands free manner!

Passion Pillow Universal Magic Wand Original HarnessThe Passion Pillow Magic Wand Original Harness also allows you to lay down on your back with your device on this pillow and massage those difficult to reach areas of the middle or lower back.  The pressure from your body sandwiching the harness/wand on top of your bed soothes your muscles and allow you to relax after a long and stressful day as the vibrations get to work on your entire areas of need.  Keep in mind that most non-waterproof wand massagers need the air inlet opening to be exposed to avoid device damage.  Consistent and lengthy use times with the entire wand massager covered under your pillow is not recommended.

This nylon based harness expands up to 58 inches in circumference with it’s adjustable straps and will work on both corded and cordless wand massagers. Currently available in the color black, the Passion Pillow Harness will fit most pillows between 9 to 28.5 inches in width and works with most massage wands including but not limited to the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Give the gift that keeps giving while your partner enjoys thrusting on the harness that will drive

Contact Us for any questions you may have on this device or any of the Magic Wand Attachments.

Hitachi Magic Wand Amazon Purchases And What You Need To Know

Hitachi Magic Wand Amazon Purchases And What You Need To Know

Many customers ask if the Hitachi Magic Wand Amazon version is the authentic massager or if its a cheaper replica passing on to be the real device?  Answering this question is slightly harder than what most would think so let us attempt to explain the differences:

Hitachi Magic Wand AmazonPurchases made on marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay and more require sellers to sign up and fulfill their items when they are sold.  The process of becoming an approved seller on these marketplace websites is fairly easy and doesn’t require much information to get started.  Unfortunately, the checks and verification of products listed also don’t get the detail that would 100% verify that a seller is selling an authorized product from an authorized distributor.  Meaning, most sellers can sell items listed as a “Magic Wand Original®” but pass off a replica to the consumer who may not be as educated about real versus fake magic wands.  In all fairness, sellers on marketplace websites often don’t know they are passing on a replica item themselves if they happen to purchase their Magic Wand’s from distributors or wholesalers who obtained the replica items themselves.

Hitachi Magic Wand AmazonHitachi Magic Wand Amazon purchases can be legitimate if there is some research done in advance to keep you knowledgeable about how to spot a real magic wand.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the device before you purchase and always remember, if the price seems too low and too good to be true, it most likely is.  We are always available for questions or suggestions so please feel free to contact us anytime.

If you would like to obtain a guaranteed original Magic Wand with a full 1 year warranty at a reasonable price, check out our offers below:

Magic Wand Original HV260

Magic Wand Rechargeable HV270


Get a replacement Magic Wand Rechargeable Charger

Replacement Magic Wand Rechargeable Charger

Do you currently have the best selling Magic Wand Rechargeable massager, model HV-270, and are missing the charging cable/adapter?  We know how frustrating this could be to lose the main part to your favorite toy.  Please don’t lose any sleep over this!  We now have the HV-270 charging adapter for sale as a separate unit.

Magic Wand Rechargeable ChargerDon’t be fooled by companies telling you that you must buy a brand new massager if you lose or break your charging adapter.  That is simply not true!  The HV-270 charging adapter we provide is a genuine OEM replacement part and will work perfectly with your Magic Wand Rechargeable massager while also keeping the device under the 1-year factory warranty.

You can get your Magic Wand Rechargeable Charger on our website under the accessories menu or by directly clicking HERE.


Purchasing the authentic Magic Wand Rechargeable

What to consider when buying the Magic Wand Rechargeable made by Hitachi.

You may have heard by now that the Magic Wand Original, model HV260 which was formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, has a new sibling in the Hitachi lineup.  This massager is none other than the cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable, model HV270. Manufactured by the same organization who produces top quality electronics and machinery for customers globally, Hitachi LTD undoubtably produces a high quality device and has done so for many years.

So what’s the big deal about this massager anyway?

Magic Wand RechargeableSo what makes the Magic Wand Rechargeable so interesting and what is all the craze about?  Well, to start off, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is a premium product which dictates a fairly premium price.  However, stick with us on this article and you will soon see why the current price for the Magic Wand Rechargeable is worth every penny.

Quality and craftsmanship is one of the top priorities for this Japanese manufacturer and has been one of their core values for a very long time.  If you take a moment to view the lines, electronics, quality and styling of the Magic Wand Rechargeable, you will quickly notice that you are holding a device which is unique and one of a kind.  This device comes with 4 speeds (2,700, 2,800, 5,400, 6,300 RPM) and provides these different speeds for customers who appreciate different ranges of power according to their current need.  For example, the lowest speed is low enough to provide a soothing sensation without overpowering your body while the highest speed packs a punch most massagers could not even get close to producing.  The beauty of this device is how the vibrations are produced with efficiency from it’s custom designed motor which ensures the device does not overheat during recommended use.  In addition to 4 speeds, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is cordless also comes with 4 different vibrations patterns which provide different sensations for consumers who like pulsating modes.

Just a year ago. . .

Magic Wand Rechargeable 3

As of this article publication, the Magic Wand Rechargeable HV270 has been released just over a year ago and the feedback from our customers has been fantastic!  There is always that worry or nervousness when a new product is released because everyone is wondering if it could even compare to the previous Hitachi Magic Wand.  Well the truth is, the cordless magic wand has surpassed any competing cordless massager in its arena within these short 12 months and provides the best, “bang for your buck.”

Real vs Fake Magic Wands. . .

Hitachi Magic Wand MassagerNaturally, when a company like Hitachi LTD produces an iconic device, it is unfortunately copied and reproduced by manufacturers who have no ethics and don’t care about safety, quality and reliability of these devices.  In fact, the quality of replica Hitachi Magic Wand’s and Magic Wand Rechargeable’s are so poor, it’s not even suggested to plug in some of these devices because we have heard horror stories from consumers about replica magic wands exploding and catching on fire right in the customers hands.  We know people want to get hot when using the Magic Wand but this isn’t the type of hot you would want. 🙂  If you would like to understand a little more about how to identify a real vs fake magic wand, check out this tutorial which will help compare the differences between a fake magic wand purchased online versus our original magic wand.

So who could I trust to buy the Magic Wand Rechargeable or Magic Wand Original from?

There are a couple ways to ensure you are buying from a trustworthy Magic Wand retailer.  For one, we sell both Magic Wand devices as your number #1 authentic source online for almost a decade and have consistently educated our customers and backed the product for a safe and convenient shopping experience.  Also, our prices are the absolute lowest available for authentic Magic Wand products and are not beatable.  Secondly, and this part is SUPER IMPORTANT so please pay close attention to this,  if you see a Magic Wand device priced lower than ours, there is a VERY GOOD chance you are viewing a replica/fake device.  We cannot mention how many customers are trying to shop for the lowest price on the Magic Wand (as any smart consumer should) but end up purchasing a fake Magic Wand.  Most of the time, consumers don’t even know they purchased a replica until it breaks and they try to have it services by the warranty process.  You can check the current price on the Magic Wand Original and the Cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable on our website to ensure you are getting the lowest price for an authentic device.  Keep in mind that replica magic wands are sold all over such as marketplace sites, other websites on popular search engines and even brick and mortar stores near your location.  It is your duty as a consumer to educate yourself on the products you buy and we will make that process easy and convenient for you.

We hope this article has helped you make your decision on the Magic Wand Rechargeable HV270 and the other Magic Wand branded items.  Please contact us for any questions you may have about this article or any of our products and we will be more than happy to assist.

Why A Powerful Vibrator Might Be Just What You Need

Why A Powerful Vibrator Might Be Just What You Need

It’s no surprise that an earth shattering O with a powerful vibrator drives you crazy during solo playtime.  Sticking to a vibrator that works for you is key since you understand the different pleasure levels these devices could provide.  But what if your vibrator is falling short in the power arena?

There are many powerful vibrator devices that exist which do actually live up to what consumers are looking for.  However, there are MANY vibrators which claim to be powerful or the strongest available but really are not.  Here are a few recommendations we have tested and will review for you today:

Three powerful vibrators which pack a real punch

Powerful VibratorThe Cordless Magic Wand, made by Hitachi, is the newest addition to the Magic Wand vibrator family due to popular demand.  This 4 speed, 4 pulsation mode rechargeable vibrator operates at a whopping 6,300 vibrations per minute in the highest speed. This high speed option will provide unbelievable sensations for those who really crave a powerful vibrator.  This bad boy is not for the timid and could really knock your socks off…if you are that person who wears socks to bed. 🙂  The only option we wish this device had was to be waterproof.  Rumor has it that the Magic Wand mad scientists are working on this enhancement for their next release.

Powerful Vibrator

The Ninja Massager is a powerful vibrator which will give you a super bang for your buck, no pun intended.  We don’t know how this company does it but they make a super powerful, multi speed, multi mode rechargeable vibrator which literally will “wow” you immediately.  Not only does it have a super slick design, it’s also made of high quality silicone and is water proof for bath time play.  We see some great things coming from these guys and look forward to what they have in store for us next.

Powerful Vibrator

The Body Wand is a multi speed plug in massager which is extremely powerful and a runner up against the Adam & Eve Magic Massager.  The Body Wand is without a doubt more powerful than the Adam & Eve massager and is almost not comparable since the Body Wand has a rotational switch that gives you the perfect power level.  You know, not too strong but not too soft.  The great thing about the Body Wand is it comes in different sizes which is awesome if you are trying to conceal your toy or take it on a trip with you.  We have to be honest, we were a little disappointed with with Adam & Eve massager since it seems like a quick to production copy of the Magic Wand Original.  Let’s hope they make some changes that will make this device a lot more powerful and worthy of ranking with the “best.”

Think about these three recommendations before making your vibrator purchase, especially if it’s power that you crave.  Please contact us with any questions you may have as we are always happy to help.

Who sells the authentic Magic Wand Massager?

Is your Magic Wand Massager Real?

One of the most common questions asked today is where to buy the Magic Wand Original and how to spot a replica?  With many price sensitive websites offering the iconic Magic Wand Massager for a fraction of what other reputable stores are offering it for, how does one know if the Magic Wand Massager they are purchasing is the real deal?

Magic Wand MassagerUnfortunately, there is no sure way of telling if the Magic Wand you purchased is authentic or not with the exception of having it inspected for correct serial numbers, motor configuration, and weight.  However, here are three basic questions to ask when trying to determine if the Magic Wand Original is authentic or not.  Now remember, this is just a guide and not a full guaranteed verification the Magic Wand Original.



  1.  Price Price Price.  The Magic Wand does not retail for $25 to $50 so anyone claiming the wand is authentic and is selling it to you for this price range is most likely trying to pass off a replica.  Be aware of low priced wands since this is one of the easiest way to quickly tell a real from a fake.
  2. Warranty.  Ask if the Magic Wand Massager comes with a warranty and how long this warranty period is for.  The Magic Wand Massager comes with a full 1-year warranty.
  3. If the motor is in the head of the wand, its a replica.  If you have purchased a Magic Wand Massager and happen to take it apart (Not Recommended At All) and see the motor of the device is in the head of the Magic Wand Massager instead of in the body, you have a replica.  Don’t be afraid to test sellers on this fact by asking where the motor is location on their Magic Wand Massager before you purchase.

There is many more ways to authenticate a Magic Wand Massager but the above will be the fastest and easiest to do for consumers.  If you have any questions about this quick guide, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist as best as we can.  We do not confirm authenticity from wands purchased from other retailers so your best bet is to purchase from a authorized dealer and ask all your verification questions before you purchase. You could purchase the 100% Guaranteed Magic Wand Original and Magic Wand Rechargeable directly here as well.


Getting started with your bondage adventure

Here is how you get started with your bondage adventure

 Kinky PackageIt is really common for you to feel that things in your sex life are getting a bit comfortable, a bit predictable, and not that exciting or sizzling anymore. Whatever you do, don’t be lazy. Don’t accept that the spice has gone from your sex. Take control and make your sex life exactly what you want it to be. One of the easiest ways to keep your sex life interesting and exciting is to try new things, different things and bedroom experimentations that might be a little out of your comfort zone. That could be as simple as buying a new sex toy, trying to role-play with your partner, or exploring some of the darker reaches of your desires. Many people find that adding a little bit of bondage to their sex play can really turn up the heat. If this is something that you have been considering, we will give you the tools to consider before you get started.

 What’s your safety word?


Whatever level of bondage you are considering, the important thing is to negotiate some boundaries with your partner before you get started. This doesn’t have to be as clinical as it sounds. For example, you don’t need to write out a formal agreement or anything but you do need to have some sort of understanding that they are up for being restrained and disciplined. You hear a lot of talk about “safety words”, this is an easy way of having a mutually agreed red flag that lets you both know if you’re about to take things too far. This action type was most recently shown in the blockbuster hit, 50 Shades of Grey the movie.

 It’s time to go shopping

Ankle CuffsOf course there are a huge range of household items that can be used to tie your partner up and tease them, discipline them, and pleasure them. You are bound to have a piece of rope or an old pair of stockings that could be used to effectively secure your partner to a chair or to the bed. However the problem with using household items in your sex play is that they may not be that easy to clean or they may inadvertently hurt your partner by cutting into their skin. If you’re just starting out, check out the bondage starter kits that most erotic supply web sites or stores will offer. As a guide, you’re going to need some ankle restraints, some handcuffs, and a blindfold. Other items that you will find useful to have in hand include nipple clamps, a ball-gag, and a whip of some kind.

 Start experimenting

Bull WhipThe important thing about bondage encounters is to just relax and have fun with it. Don’t expect to feel like some all-powerful dungeon master. This might be something that you grow into as your confidence builds so just get a feel for the toys you have to play with. Get used to how they work and discover what your partner really enjoys, what turns them on, what gets them off. Bondage has to be an exciting and pleasurable experience for both parties. This is definitely true since the person that is tied up and being disciplined has to be enjoying him or herself while giving you total control while ultimately submitting to your whims and desires.

Anal BeadsYou will find that effective communication is essential to getting the most out of your bondage experiences. After the fun is over, make sure you talk about how it went. Couples should not be embarrassed about bondage acts. Sharing your thoughts and feelings will ensure a better experience for you both next time around. Stick to this plan and you and your partner will journey successfully to sensual bliss in no time. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about Sex Toys, Bondage scenarios or any other question you may have.

Where is your Easter Egg Vibe?

Where is your Easter Egg Vibe?

Easter 2015 is here and the egg hunt is about to begin.  As an adult, you could have your own Easter Egg Vibe and eliminate the whole hunt right now!  With multiple speeds, a wireless controller and small enough to throw in your purse, the Egg Vibe is the perfect addition to your pleasure chest.

Egg Vibe

Hitachi Wand Massager for Valentines Day

Hitachi Wand Massager for Valentines Day

Valentines day is around the corner and you are probably struggling with what to find your significant other for this special holiday right?  You don’t want to buy the same conventional gift such as flowers or candy and you definitely don’t want to go out to dinner to some overpriced restaurant which will be crowded and loud.  So what are you to do that is different and unique?  Well, you can start with the Hitachi Wand Massager for Valentines Day.

Getting your significant other the best selling Lady Love Package which has the following items bundled into powerful love making powerhouse.

  1. Hitachi Magic Wand
  2. Wand Speed Controller
  3. Love Nubs Attachment
  4. Tri-Gasm Attachment
  5. G-Tip Attachment
  6. Flutter Tip
  7. Wonder Wand
  8. G-Spotter
  9. ID Glide Lubricant

The Lady Love Package really is great for couples who want to take their bedroom experience to the next level.  This is perfectly timed with the release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie which is set to release on Valentines Day 2015.  So you could still have your dinner and a movie if you want but could also come home to your very own Red Room and get busy with the Hitachi Wand Massager for Valentines Day. Get 10% OFF any items over $100 for Valentines Day using coupon code love2015

Hitachi Wand Massager

High quality silicone vibrator doesn’t have to be expensive

High quality silicone vibrator doesn’t have to be expensive

Exotic G-Spot Vibrators

 It’s hard to put a price on pleasure, but it can make your decision making a bit more complex if your budget is limited and the vibrator that you really want is just a bit out of reach. Some of the best vibrators on the market are made from silicone but they are also some of the most expensive. But are there any alternatives? In this article we take a look at the Exotic G-Spot – a silicone vibrator with all the advantages of being made from a lightweight, durable, and waterproof material without the hefty price-tag that you would normally associate with a silicone sex toy.

 Why is silicone best?

Silicone is widely considered the best material with which to make sex toys. It feels similar to rubber but is heat resistant and very durable. The feel of silicone is a bit sexy, silky smooth to touch, soft enough to insert easily into your orifice but also firm and rigid enough to retain their shape and pressure exactly where you need it in order to give you the satisfaction that you’re looking for. Silicone is also waterproof and easy to clean – both fairly important requirements for your sex toys. The down-side with silicone is that it is generally quite expensive and can put your ideal sex toys out of your reach if you are operating on a limited budget.

 The Exotic G-Spot

The Exotic G-Spot silicone vibrator has a lot going for it – it is sleek in shape, rechargeable, and comes with six speeds and seven different functions. That is a whole lot of pleasure in one unique little pleasure pack. However, one of the main reasons that the Exotic G-Spot silicone vibrator is so popular is that is incredibly affordable. Compared to other silicone vibrators on the market, the Exotic G-Spot is roughly half the price. Even though it is an affordable option you’re really not compromising on anything – it measures just over six inches in length and in terms of pleasure power it packs a real punch, exactly where you want it.

 The secret of G-Spot vibrators

A G-spot vibrator is similar in many ways to a penis-shaped vibrator but it has a curved shape that makes it easier to specifically stimulate the G-spot in women or the prostate in men. The curve is generally towards the tip of the device in order to maximise pleasure. G-spot vibrators come in all different sizes and can vibrate or can be used without vibrations, however it is generally believed that vibrations are more effective at stimulating a woman’s g-spot. When you are using a G-spot vibrator such as the Exotic G-Spot silicone vibrator it is generally recommended that you use a generous amount of lubricant in order to maximize your pleasure.

Finding the right vibrator is essential to ensuring that you can ensure your personal satisfaction. Vibrators made from silicone are recommended as being particularly effective, and G-spot vibrators are some of the most popular on the market. The Exotic G-Spot silicone vibrator combines the best material with the best shape at the best price. That is going to make a lot of people very happy.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this item or any of our items.  We will reply to your email immediately.


Buying her the perfect gift this holiday

Magic Wand Massager

As 2014 comes to a end, we approach some of the best times to spend with your loved ones and enjoy the holiday time.  Finding the right gift for your significant other isn’t always easy is it?  Let’s be honest, while diamonds are a girls best friend, so is her satisfaction in the bedroom.  This is why this year is the year you should make it extra special!

Buying your significant other diamonds or jewelry is a very nice touch but the perfect touch, call it icing on the cake, is her very own Magic Wand Massager.  In case you have been living under a rock for the past 30 years, you have probably heard about the Magic Wand Original HV260, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Purchasing the best selling Lady Love Package will be just what she needs this year.  Here is what you get with the Lady Love Package:

  1. Magic Wand Original HV260
  2. Wand Speed Controller
  3. Love Nubs Attachment
  4. Tri-Gasm Attachment
  5. G-Tip Attachment
  6. Flutter Tip Attachment
  7. G-Spotter Attachment
  8. Wonder Wand Attachment
  9. ID Glide Lubrication

This dynamite package just might get more attention than the diamond so get her something that will also last for years!

Contact us if you have any questions on any of our products or would like to assemble a custom package which will be taylor made to your needs.

Happy Holidays from the team!

Hitachi Magic Wand Massager vs. Conair Compact Heated Massager

Hitachi Magic Wand vs. Conair Compact Heated Massager

This review is where personal massagers discard all pretenses and proudly display what most people buy them for, amazing orgasms. These massagers will never finish early leaving you unsatisfied, in fact, they may challenge you to see just how much you can take. We are going to compare two of these massagers. One is the infamous Hitachi Magic Wand Massager and the other is the Conair Compact Heated Massager.

The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager, now known as the Magic Wand Original HV260, is a well-known “back massager.” This is one of the few times where size truly does matter. From its massive length of 12.5 inches, the iconic head on the flexible neck and the massive electric motor powered by plug, not a battery. This has been the go-to vaginal power tool on the market for years. Many companies try to compete by offering their own wands with longer cords, heaters, multispeed, etc. but consumer reviews and opinions speak louder than marketing.

The Conair Compact Heated Massager is another one of these “personal massagers”. This massager is smaller, comes with a heated core, and has a longer cord than the Hitachi. The company says this massager provides a “Flexible massaging head to soothe every area that needs relief.”

So how does the Conair match up to the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager? According to customer reviews, although the Conair has some great features, it is simply no match for the simplicity and power of the Hitachi. Here is why:

Magic Wand Original HV260



Neither of these vibrators disguised as a back massager are small. Both are over 12 inches long and well over an inch wide. Neither of them take the lead in regards to this category. They can both be heavy and awkward at times, especially for mutual playtime. Having tackled these two monsters however, size does matter and the power you get by giving up the notion that vibrators should be discretionary and small is worth it.

Strength and Speed:

The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is incredibly strong and has two settings; one to take your breath away and the other to make you forget that air ever existed. Some customers have mentioned that it is simply too powerful for them. In order to dampen the vibrations, simply place a towel onto the erogenous area. This also helps with…clean-up. The Conair has a hard time keeping up to the Hitachi. It also has two speeds and a heat function. According to customer reviews however, the Conair has a serious lack of power and also has an issue with overheating when left plugged in. When you are purchasing a wand-style vibrator, you are seeking raw power. The Conair just can’t keep up to the tried and true Hitachi Magic Wand Massager.


Neither of these wands is meant for a super-secretive masturbatory session. The vibrations and humming might alert other people in your household of your activities if your walls are paper-thin. Using a pillow or towel quickly and easily lowers the volume on the wand if you don’t want it to be heard. Some recommend biting down on a pillow to lower the volume from the human

Material and Build:

Now this is a category where Conair did some great research and provided it’s unique twist compared to Hitachi’s methods. The Conair has a slightly longer cord than the Hitachi and is made of an easy to clean plastic. With a few adjustments, the Hitachi can still beat out its competition. By using a towel to guard your pleasure area or even a condom or latex glove, you can protect the Hitachi’s head from collecting playtime debris.


As previously mentioned, the Conair really cannot compare with the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager when it comes to satisfaction. At a quarter of the price, it is definitely also a quarter of the satisfaction. As the saying goes, you always get what you pay for.

Although the Conair has some definite pros, the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is still the superior tool for singles and couples alike for adding a little extra buzz to the bedroom. Dish out the little bit of extra cash, and strap yourself in for the ride of your life!

Is the Magic Wand Original hard to find?

Searching far and wide for the Magic Wand Original?

There are officially hundreds if not thousands of retailers selling the Magic Wand Original, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, today.  What most consumers don’t realize is that most of these retailers are not actually selling the Magic Wand Original.  They are selling a copy of the magic wand due to low manufacturing costs with a subpar item from all around the world.  Does this mean that all these retailers are misinformed and unknowingly selling replicas instead of an authentic magic wand?  The answer to this question is actually Yes and No.

It is a safe assumption that most retailers (online or in brick and mortar stores) do sell the replica version of the Magic Wand Original due to an unbelievable low price and healthy sales margins. When they sell replica wands and pass them off as an “original” item to the consumer, this becomes illegal and unethical.  The most disturbing part about this illegal practice is most consumers don’t know what to look for or won’t even know how to differentiate a replica from an Magic Wand Original.  This quite frankly makes us sick to our stomach which is why we have written so many articles on how to identify a replica massager over a Magic Wand Original.  Just take a look at a couple below:

Buying a real Magic Wand Original

Identifying a real wand over a replica

There are a small volume of retailers who just aren’t informed about the Magic Wand Original and what an original wand consists of from a quality and craftsmanship perspective.  This is why these specific retailers will sell a $9 dollar replica wand which is quite frankly dangerous to use for long periods due to potential fire hazards from these non CE or ETL approved massagers.  We hope these specific retailers find articles such as this one and reach out to us for additional information about verifying a Magic Wand Original over a fake wand.

As your trusted source for the Magic Wand Original, we are here to inform, educate and please our customers for many years to come.  Please feel free to contact us about any of our best selling Wand packages.

Magic Wand Original

Magic Wand Original HV-260 vs Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

Magic Wand Original HV-260 vs Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

Is it the correct weight?  Where is it made?  Is it as powerful?  How many volts does it consume?  Which one is better?  Which one should I buy?  Which one is made by Hitachi?  Which one has warranty?  These are just some of the questions potential consumers ask in regards to the Magic Wand Original HV-260 and the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R.  As your trusted source of the Magic Wand Original HV-260, wanted to provide a full review/comparison for our customers who want to educate themselves on the purchase of the Magic Wand Original HV-260 and the discontinued Hitachi Magic Wand.  This review will provide answers to almost all the questions you might be contemplating before your purchase of your very own wand massager.  So without further ado, let the full review between these two massaging giants begin!

Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

Ahhh..what could be said about the Cadillac of vibrators that you already don’t know?  Well, probably a lot!  To start off, let’s discuss some history behind the Hitachi Magic Wand HV-250R.  The Magic Wand was created in 1970 by the Japanese world famous manufacturer Hitachi LTD who has sold everything from TV’s to massive construction tools.  One of the most common questions we were asked about the Hitachi Magic Wand is if this massager was made in China or Japan.  The HV250-R internals, which includes the motor, was designed and crafted in Japan but assembled in China.  With manufacturing costs extremely low in China, Hitachi LTD, much like most other companies, decided to have this wand assembled and shipped from China.  However, there is nothing negative that could be said about Chinese assembled items these days because most factories do operate in safe working conditions and have ISO9000 certifications to back this up.

Here are the technical specifications of the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

  • Power source: 110 – 120 volts electrical outlet
  • Two speeds: ca. 6,000 / 5,000 vibrations per minute (on high / low setting)
  • Weight: 1.57 lbs.
  • Dimensions: approx. 12” (length), 2 1/4” (head diameter)
  • Cord length: 6 foot
  • 24W High / 20W Low
  • Plug type: US polarized
  • UL Listed
  • Backed by a one-year warranty


Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

So why was the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R so popular?  This iconic massager has been referenced in mainstream movies, adult movies, TV shows, talk shows and has been the leader in consistency since this wand hasn’t changed the way it’s looked/performed in over 30 years.  People naturally were attracted to the power and classic look of the wand.  Being under the $60 price mark, you really couldn’t get better “bang” for your buck.

As of August 2013, Hitachi LTD decided to discontinue the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R and release the next level of performance and perfection called the Magic Wand Original HV-260.  Many people ask us why the HV260 doesn’t have the “Hitachi” name on it anymore and the truth is we don’t know.  There has been speculation that Hitachi LTD didn’t want their name on a massager (mostly used as a vibrator) but this hasn’t been confirmed.  We think the new Magic Wand Original HV260 is better than the HV250R in a few ways.  Read below to find out why.

Magic Wand Original HV-260 

The big bad HV250-R goes to rest with the new and improved HV260 taking over.  The streets roar, people are yelling and screaming with excitement and joy.  Okay…maybe the yelling is coming from a different type of joy but none the less, the HV260 is here to stay!  With the discontinued HV250-R shocking people around the world, the Magic Wand Original HV-260 has large shoes to fill to be considered the same magic wand.

So what exactly is different with the Magic Wand Original HV-260 compared to the HV250-R?  Well, first and foremost, there isn’t much that has visually changed from the look of the HV-260 vs the HV250-R other than the name change on the device itself.  The HV250-R shows “Hitachi Magic Wand” and the HV260 shows “Magic Wand Original” on the actual massager by the switch.  What most people don’t understand or look past is that the Magic Wand Original HV-260 is actually still made by Hitachi.  We get this question asked a lot as well and even have customers come back and state “this is not a Hitachi.”  The HV260 is very much so a Hitachi device internally and externally.  Take a look at the detailed specifications below:

Here are the technical specifications of the Magic Wand Original HV-260

  • Power source: 110 – 120 volts electrical outlet
  • Two speeds: ca. 6,000 / 5,000 vibrations per minute (on high / low setting)
  • Weight: 1.45 lbs.
  • Dimensions: approx. 12” (length), 2 1/4” (head diameter)
  • Cord length: 6 foot
  • 10W (no load)
  • Plug type: US polarized
  • ETL listed (proof of product compliance with North American safety standards)
  • Registered with the FDA as a medical device
  • Backed by a one-year warranty

As you can tell, the Magic Wand Original HV-260 is very similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand with the exception of a few items.  The weight of the HV260 has been minimized to add additional flexibility when using this device.  This is a huge plus since most people have complained about the heavy weight of the HV250-R.  This really comes in play when you are using this massager on your shoulders or back because it’s less strain on your arms, hands and of course wrists.  The second main benefit is the watts of the device it performs under.  We have confirmed that the Magic Wand Original HV-260 comes with a newer, technologically advanced motor which not only runs quieter (your neighbors won’t hear this device as much as they would with the HV250-R) but also runs more efficient with less power draw.  There has been no power loss with the HV260 that is noticeable due to decreased weight in the overall device in addition to the more efficient motor.  Most people will assume that the HV250-R is automatically better because of the higher wattage.  This is however just not true because the Magic Wand Original HV-260 was made specifically to outperform the HV250-R and this is just what was done.

Being an official retailer of the HV250-R in the past, we can confirm that one of the main complaints received by consumers of the HV250-R was that it gets very hot after 15 minutes of use.  This has also been addressed with the Magic Wand Original HV-260.  With the new internal change with the HV260, this massager will now run cooler and longer with a total maximum recommended time of 25 minutes (10 minutes more than the HV250-R.  It is always recommended that you allow the device to cool at least 30 minutes after 25 minutes of use to allow the motor to cool down and not overheat.  Being registered with the FDA as an official medical device, the Magic Wand Original HV-260 does give consumers the confidence and peace of mind that this massager is safe to use on most body parts.

Magic Wand Original HV-260

 Who is and what do they provide? is an official retailer of the Magic Wand Original HV-260.  In fact, this is the only Magic Wand we sell.  Our company structure is unique and different because we try to consider ourselves the best for providing superb customer service while educating our customers on what to look out for when purchasing the Magic Wand Original HV-260. We only provide the best custom tailored packages which are specifically made to please you for many years to come.  Some of our best selling packages include the following:

Love Nub Package, Lady Love Package, Tri-Tip Package and many more.  We love to help our current and potential customers understand the differences between massager models or how to identify a replica wand from an original.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests, we will be more than happy to help!

Why the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is the best Sex Toy?

How does one choose the best Sex Toy?  Do you go by the best selling items?  What about the cheapest and highest quality items?  It’s often difficult to have the best in anything since this is mostly a subjective point of view.

We won’t bore you on reasons why a specific Sex Toy is better than another.  At least we won’t bore you with this today. 🙂  What we do want to talk about is the very popular, best selling massager in the world, the Magic Wand Original by Hitachi.

There are first a few things to cover about the Magic Wand Original.  This device is a corded device and DOES NOT come in a cordless version.  Be careful about replica wands claiming to be an authentic Hitachi as a cordless version.  One of the many reasons why the Magic Wand Original is such a hit is because of it’s relentless power which can “keep you going” until you get there.

Magic Wand Original Sex Toy

Hitachi LTD, who manufactures the Magic Wand Original, recently decided to change the name of this best selling massager from the Hitachi Magic Wand to the Magic Wand Original.  Needless to say, this is confusing many people out there and have even forced some people to think that the Magic Wand Original, since it doesn’t brand the Hitachi name on it’s box, is now a replica too.  This is absolutely false.  Sex Toy companies change names of toys all the time and since Hitachi is not well known for being a Sex Toy company, it makes sense that they wanted to re-brand their best selling massager which is mainly used for private reasons to a different name.  So let’s get into the specifics of this device for you detail craving individuals!

The Main Specifications of the Magic Wand Original HV-260

Maximum Operation:25 minutes
Power Source Voltage:110-120 Volts
Power Source Frequency:60Hz
Power Consumption:No watts (No-Load)
Vibration Frequency:Approx.
6000/min. (High)
5000/min. (Low)
Weight:1.2 lbs

There are a few safety concerns with the Magic Wand Original Sex Toy that any consumer will want to consider when buying this item.  Some of these are common sense but there is no harm in listing them here again:

  1. Never use this massager in the bath/shower.  Yes, this is an obvious one but we have received emails asking if it’s safe to do so.  What do you think our answer was? 🙂
  2. Do not use the wand massager more than 25-30 minutes of use at a time.  This item is an electronic device.  With all electronic devices, there are certain things to consider about redundant use.  The owners manual of the Magic Wand Original also reinforces this by stating “The continuous operation for more than 25 minutes makes the main case heat, transform and break down.”  You will want to stop after 25-30 minutes of use and let the massager cool down for at least 30 minutes before starting it up again.
  3. Many people like to reduce the strong vibrations of this massager by putting it under a pillow or bed sheet while operating.  Refrain from doing this because it creates excessive heating by blocking the air holes and could catch the wand on fire!  Substitute what you are trying to do with one of our many attachments.  Just a few of our best selling attachments are the G-Spotter, Wonder Wand, G-Tip and Tri-Gasm.
  4. Never operate the Magic Wand with the air openings blocked.  Things like hair, lint should be removed from this section if it does built up.  Make sure to only do this when the device is powered off.
  5. Last but not least, don’t carry the Magic Wand Original around by it’s cord and never swing it around like a ninja in the night!

 How to clean your Magic Wand Original 

The best way to clean the Magic Wand after use is to take a damp, not wet, warm wash cloth and gently wipe the plastic head of the device.  Repeating this step after every use will not only help preserve the wand and allow it to last for years but will also keep it from looking grimy.

What gives you the right to call this the best Sex Toy?

Thousands of happy customers around the world can’t be wrong.  The Magic Wand Original has been featured in main stream movies such as “Sex in the City,” and has had the same look/style for over 30 years.  Some things just are best untouched and this is especially true for the Magic Wand, AKA Hitachi Magic Wand.  This is the best Sex Toy because of it’s reasonable price, high quality design and a vast selection of attachments which work with this device and makes it unique in it’s very own way.

Why do you have so many different packages?

We have multiple packages available on because we know selection is key online.  We also know that with thousands of sex toys available today, one could certainly be confused on what to purchase.  We simplified it for you.  Depending on what you’re looking for and what your budget is, you can get just about any combination of massager/attachments available today.  Just take a glimpse at some of our popular packages below:

Platinum PackageDiamond Package | Lady Love Package | Fem-Deluxe Package and many more!

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the best Sex Toy in our opinion and promise you will feel the same way once/if you own one.

Buying a real Magic Wand Original vs a Replica Hitachi Magic Wand

When an item is popular and ends up being one of the best selling devices in the world, naturally this is going to gain the attention from copycat’s around the world.  This is true for any electronic item or really any item that a demand is created for.  Jewelery, Clothing, Shoes, Electronics such as the Magic Wand Original, DVD movies, Computer Software and more all fall into the category of potential replica’s when opportunists try to make a buck from the original manufacturers creation while violating trademarks and other intellectual property.

The Magic Wand Original HV260, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand HV-250R, is no exception to this strategy and has gone through a good amount of heartache due to these unethical manufacturers.  One of the largest areas where replica items are sold are on price sensitive sites such as eBay, Amazon, Nextag and many more.  The truth is, there are many honest sellers of products on these price sensitive sites who are just trying to make a living providing goods to consumers.  We classify sellers on these price sensitive sites into two categories:

  1. The honest seller who has no idea the manufacturer/distributor he or she purchased the items from for resale are replicas.  We have seen many requests come our way where consumers purchased the Hitachi Magic Wand from sites like these just to find out that they have been duped into a deal that was too good to be true.
  2. The second type of seller is someone who knows that what they are selling is fake but have the mentality that if they (The seller) cannot even tell a real from the fake, how is the consumer going to.  This is FALSE FALSE FALSE!  Consumers these days, with the help of the internet, are much more savvy then they used to be and know how to search for the best selling, authentic, items.  Not to mention, we do our best to educate our consumers ourselves. 🙂

The number 2 type seller is who we are trying to educate the consumers about through our articles because we honestly want you to know what you are purchasing before you enter your credit card information.  Not to say that the number 1 sellers mentioned above are not at fault as well but often times, mistakes happen and as long as it’s corrected (Money back or item returned), then we are understanding of this situation. These price sensitive sites honestly are doing their best to ensure people do not sell fake, replica, trademarked items on their websites and have a number of ways of determining unscrupulous sellers from the honest ones.  Ebay for example has the feedback feature many people use to determine how well the seller has treated previous customers.  Ebay also has the report a problem feature where any consumer or potential consumer can report an unscrupulous seller to eBay for further research.  Amazon and Nextag have very similar models which help consumers who want to make their purchase online.

You might be thinking, “How is it that these price sensitive sites allow these types of unethical sellers to even participate in their marketplace?”  The reply to this question is not an easy one to answer but we will do our best to address this for our customers.  Anyone with a credit card or PayPal account can create a profile with price sensitive sites and begin selling items within 15 minutes.  These people could sell anything from used lawn furniture to new electronics.  Price sensitive sites do not have the capability to verify the inventory of sellers products due to the volume of sellers in the world.  We wouldn’t assume that sellers at a swap meet have their products scanned and verified by the swap meet authorities would we?  The same is true for price sensitive sites.

 Buying a real Magic Wand Original vs a Replica Hitachi Magic Wand

 Now that you have a better idea of how price sensitive sites work, let’s get down to identifying the common sources of replicas.  Now keep in mind, these marketplaces are NOT only a supplier of replicas.  There are authentic items available.  We are merely going off results from our research on where these fake Magic Wand Original massagers arrive from.

Alibaba is an online import/export company who provides an excellent service to consumers around the world who want to obtain products made in different countries where their trade might be stronger than your parent company.  For example, California is very big on cashews.  Quite honestly, California has some of the best cashews in the world so different companies buy these cashews and import them into their country.  Anyway, back to Alibaba.  A quick search on this site for the Hitachi Wand will produce results of manufacturers around the world who are supposedly selling the Hitachi Wand for a lot less than what it’s available for in North America.  We have contacted many of these companies and even purchased massagers to see what type of product we will get.  Our results have been quite shocking.  After making many different purchases for the Hitachi Massager, we can confirm that not one of the personal massagers we purchased were authentic.  Pretty sad right?

Here is an example/picture of a replica massager

Fake Hitachi Magic Wand

Made-in-China is another company that has been known to provide access to manufacturers around the world who have no problem selling a replica massager to consumers directly or businesses who will resell these items.  There are international laws that are in a grey area so these sellers get away with it. Just to be clear, there are tremendous benefits with sites like Alibaba and Made-in-China and we are in no way telling you not to purchase items from these sites.  We are just providing actual feedback from our experience for Magic Wands.

What is our part in this whole thing and what are we doing about it.

As an authentic Magic Wand Original retailer, we are constantly doing our best to ensure consumers worldwide are educated on what to look for in an authentic massager versus a replica massager.  We also have a small team of consultants constantly reporting unethical sellers on price sensitive sites to the correct authorities and ensure there is an ongoing effort towards disallowing these types of seller from participating in online marketplaces.  This is a job no one pays us for so as you could imagine, we are using limited resources available in stopping fake massager from being sold online and allowing consumers to have that confidence in purchasing from an actual Hitachi approved dealer.

Magic Wand Original HV260If you like what you are reading and this article has helped you determine how to proceed with your Magic Wand purchase, we have done our job well!  If you are still confused on what to look for in a real Hitachi Massager versus a fake one, we have another article you could refer to which provides great detail around this topic and what to exactly look for to verify real vs fake.  It is as follows:

Identifying a Real Hitachi Wand over a Fake Massager

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about this wonderful product and encourage you to ask us any questions about this massager by Contacting Us.

Top 3 reasons why men hate wearing a condom

What is it about a condom that makes men avoid it like the plague?  Wearing a condom is ranked one of the worst and most irritable parts of sex and men around the world will do anything not to wear one if they don’t have to.  Well, sadly, this is how and why most of unplanned pregnancies take place.  We thought this topic was interesting so we dug in deeper to really understand the “why.”  Why is it that men don’t like wearing condoms?

Well, the first reason we researched in our analysis was the cost factor.  Yes, you read that right!  Some men do not wear condoms because of the cost.  As crazy as this sounds, we kind of understand where they are coming from.  The standard amount of condoms in a box are 3 and usually cost around $3-$5, depending on the type.  If you are having a LOT of sex, this could turn into a bit of a expense unless you buy condoms in bulk which should save you at least 20%.  Long story short gentlemen, it’s fantastic to budget your finances correctly and not overspend.  We however don’t think condoms are where the budgeting should come in.  This is especially true if you consider how much diapers are for new born babies. 😉

The second reason why men hate to wear a condom is they don’t plan for it.  This one also made a lot of sense because sometimes, you just get lucky and don’t have one on you.  BAD BAD BAD!  Going the extra mile to the local market/store to get a box is well worth the wait and could save you years of potential STD heartache.  Storing a condom in your wallet or purse is usually not recommended by most because of excessive heat and wear.  However, if you do go through a good amount of condoms a week, storing one in your wallet might not be a bad idea as long as you use it within a given week.

The last but definitely not least reason why men hate wearing condoms is because of the loss in feeling!  Of course!  This is the biggest and main problem why NO MAN wants to stop when things are hot and heavy to put on a jimmy.  Let’s face it, a condom is made to cover your penis and sperm from escaping.  It only makes sense that to capture sperm, the condom must be tight right?  Well if putting a tight condom on cuts your circulation down there, we have a solution for you!

Magnum CondomYou might, and we stress might, be too thick (big) for your current condom.  Magnum condoms by Trojan are not only for men who have a long penis but are also for men who don’t like it too tight if they have a thick member.  Trojan makes a damn fine condom and we recommend to any man who experiences issues with the tight ring at the base of your penis to try out the Magnum by Trojan.  What’s the worse that can happen, you use it as a rubber protector for your ladies favorite vibrator if the magnum keeps slipping off.

The many benefits of owning a dildo

What is a dildo and why are men and women so fascinated by them?  A dildo, by definition according to Wikipedia, is a sexual device that looks like an erect penis by its size, shape, weight and overall appearance.  Why men and women around the world love owning a dildo is because it doesn’t require batteries, you don’t need to plug it in and dildos won’t ever let you down when you need intimate satisfaction the most.

Since all people have different likes and dislikes about their partners, buying a dildo could be a fantastic way to fantasize and pleasure yourself with an item that is completely opposite to your partners.  For example, if your partner has an average sized penis (which is 4.5 inches in the United States), you could experiment with a much larger dildo such as 7 or 9-inch adult toy.  The act of having a different shaped, colored or sized penis could make the ultimate difference in the bedroom because let’s face it, we sometimes want what we can’t have. 🙂

Adult male stars actually have replicated their penis size and have sold this item to men and women around the world who want to experience penetration by a mold of an actual movie star’s penis.  You actually get to cheat on your husband or wife with one of these molds without the guilt from the actual act.

There are a number of reasons why and how you can use a dildo.  Let us discuss the top 5 reasons you might or might not already know about:

  1. The first and obvious use of this item is vaginal penetration.  This conventional pleasure method involves a woman using a rubber penis on herself to replicate intercourse with a male.
  2. Gay partners use dildos as a form of safe sex because you can pleasure your partner in the anus without risk of obtaining a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).
  3. Fellatio practice is perfect on this item because you can practice your strategy and perfect it before actually performing this act on your partner.
  4. Females can strap on this item to a belt and penetrate your partner as if they had an actual penis themselves.  This belt, also referred to as “Strap On,” is perfect for women on women action who want the look and feel of a penis.
  5.  Last but not least, these dildos can be made in many different materials such as rubber, sex flesh, glass or even a fruit such as a banana.  Squash, and cucumbers are also fantastic dildo candidates when you don’t have the real deal.

Ride-N-Vibe DildoThere are a number of adult stores that sell different kinds of sex attachments which are sure to  surpass your expectations.  We recommend one specific dildo that is very well made, in demand worldwide, and extremely satisfying to all men and women because of it’s weight, size and real like feel.  The Ride-N-Vibe Dildo is a very high quality dildo, which attaches to the Magic Wand Original massager and pulses deep vibrations inside your body when your massager is turned on.  The beauty of this dildo is it could be used with or without your Hitachi Magic Wand and is sure to keep you happy for hours at a time.  If you are interested in trying the Ride-N-Vibe dildo, you might also want to check out the Twig & Berries Package which includes this fantastic dildo, the Magic Wand Original by Hitachi, Wand Speed controller and your very own bottle of ID Glide water based lubricant.

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Magic Wand Original HV260

Identifying a real Hitachi Wand over a Fake Massager

 Real Hitachi Wand vs. Fake Massagers

There is nothing worse that buying an item online or in a brick & mortar store, believing that it’s an authentic item, only to realize you have been duped into buying a replica.  Often times, sellers themselves don’t know items they sell to consumers are replicas which is why we have decided to provide an extensive guide on identifying the real Hitachi Wand from the fake versions.

Different countries from all over the world have attempted to replicate the Hitachi Wand and quite honestly have come close.  However, reading this guide will give consumers the advantage over unscrupulous sellers who sell fake massagers and stamp the “Hitachi” name on it.  Today, we will provide pictures, descriptions and other identifying factors for a fake Hitachi Wand, the real Hitachi Wand HV250R and the brand new real Magic Wand Original HV260.

Hitachi Wand Comparisons

Starting with the boxes of these massagers, the top massager box in the picture above is a verified fake box to the Hitachi massager.  Common areas where this box has been seen from is China, Africa and Korea.  Not to say that these countries don’t produce high quality products, this guide is merely to help consumers identify a fake Hitachi Wand box and what to look out for.  The printing quality of the top box will be distorted and the colors just don’t look correct compared to the middle and bottom boxes which are both authentic boxes for two Hitachi models.

The Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R has been the best selling massager for over 30 years and hasn’t changed much in looks/functionality.  As of June 2013, the HV250R was replaced by the HV260 which is almost identical but has slight changes we will discuss below.  Just to clear the record, both the HV250R & HV260 are authentic Hitachi Massagers which will provide quality performance for years to come.

Hitachi Wands


The picture above shows the replica Hitachi massager (TOP), the verified authentic Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R (Middle) and the verified authentic Magic Wand Original HV260 (Bottom).  From your first glance, these massagers all look very similar but the functionality and performance is only true and consistent with 2 out of the 3 massagers, (HV250R & HV260).  Let us take a deeper look at the differences between these 3 massagers below:

Fake Hitachi WandThe replica/fake massager pictured to the left is definitely poorly made.  The first and easiest give away that a Hitachi massager is fake from the weight of the device.  As you can see , this replica massager only weighs 15 ounces which is a lot lighter (almost half a pound) than the real Hitachi Wand versions we will describe.  So what else is wrong with it you ask?  Well for starters, this massager is not UL certified which is a very important aspect to look for when buying a household electronic appliance.  Buying a massager that is not UL certified, such as this one, can catch on fire.  Yes, we have heard horror stories about this happening quite a bit.  This replica massager comes in a 2-speed version, just like the authentic HV250R & HV260, but the power is just not there.  We purchased this replica massager from a major online price sensitive site (Name cannot be mentioned but you get the picture).  We turned on the massager and compared it side by side with the real Hitachi Wand versions and quickly noticed how poor the quality really is.  Here is also the big kicker, this replica wand actually stopped working for us just 1 week of purchasing it due to an electrical issue with the cord.  It would not start and was useless within 7 days.

Hitachi Magic Wand HV250RThe Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R pictured to the left has been the best selling authentic massager for over 30 years.  This real Hitachi Wand is very high quality and extremely well priced compared to other massagers.  Coming in at 1lb 5 ounces, this massager is heavy duty and packs a big punch when it’s turned on.  Many people keep the massager in the low speed function because it’s plenty but if you are the type of person who needs an aggressive massager, the HV250R is perfect for you.  This massager comes with a 1-year FULL manufacturers warranty and protects consumers from defects if any should occur with this wand.

Magic Wand Original HV260RThe Magic Wand Original, also made by Hitachi, is the newest massager to the Hitachi brand.  The HV260 actually is replacing the HV250R and has some very minor changes to the massager itself.  Our sources explained that Hitachi wanted a new colored box, a slight change to the massagers weight which makes it lighter but just as strong as the HV250R.  The Magic Wand Original comes in at 1lb 4 ounces (1 ounce less) which cannot be justified or felt when holding both massagers together (HV250R & HV260).  Consumers should rest assure that this Magic Wand Original is almost exactly like the Hitachi HV250R and also comes with a FULL 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Below are 5 updated reasons in knowing your Hitachi Wand is authentic:

  1. The Hitachi HV250R & HV260 does not have a removable foam head.  The head can be removed if forced but is not not supposed to be forced off.  Fake Hitachi massagers actually have the foam head come off easily due to a poor fitment design.
  2. Only the HV250R & HV260 are heavy (see weight above) which leaves the replica massagers weighing less than 1 pound.
  3. The Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R and the Magic Wand Original HV260 has a rocker switch with the off position being in the middle. It will have the low speed in one direction and a high speed in another direction.  Replica massagers usually don’t have this functionality.
  4. The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for both the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R and Magic Wand Original HV260 is $54.95 as of June 2013.  What this means is true Hitachi Wand retailers such as cannot sell a real Hitachi Wand for less than $54.95.  If you see the HV250R & HV260 selling for less than this price, BE AWARE because it could be a replica!
  5. The Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R and the Magic Wand Original HV260 is currently (as of June 2013) designed in Japan while being assembled in China.  What this means is the device goes through the rigorous tests and structure improvements in Japan.  All the parts are then shipped to China for assembly.

As always, is here to help answer any questions about these massagers so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit VibratorThe Rabbit Vibrator is a standard penis shaped adult toy which has gained massive popularity over the past 20 years due to it’s unique design of the clitoral stimulator which is normally attached to the shaft of the Rabbit Vibrator.  After it’s release a few decades ago, there are multiple companies that have designed and reproduced different versions of the Rabbit Vibrator.  Companies like Vibratex or California Exotic Novelties all produce top Rabbit Vibrators which come in different speeds, styles, functionality and colors.

One of the many benefits the Rabbit Vibrator has over other vibrators is due to it’s waterproof and battery operated design.  This type of vibrator is perfect women who travel all the time and need intimate time with their Rabbit Vibrator as long as she has stocked up on batteries.

What about the power?  Well, since most of these devices are battery powered, there is a certain time period that all Rabbit Vibrator toys last.  Most of these adult toys require C or D batteries which could be costly depending on how often you do use it.

What if you don’t want a batter powered vibrator though?  Well, this is really where the Magic Wand Original, by Hitachi LTD, shines.  The brand new Magic Wand Original HV260R comes with a 2 speed design which provides a minimim of 25 minutes of aggressive use.  Since the Magic Wand Original is a cord designed vibrator, it has consistent power which will never let you down when you need it the most.  With the purchase of the Magic Wand Original, you get a full 1-year manufacturers warranty which protects your wand from any defects.

Both Rabbit Vibrator and the Magic Wand Original are fantastic items that everyone needs to add to their collection.  Please let us know if you have any questions on any of these items.

Waterproof Vibrator

So you get home from a long and stressful day and need a little release but also want to run a bath.  What is a poor little girl to do? 🙂  Today we will take a deeper look into a waterproof vibrator, the pros and cons with it and if you should consider adding one to your collection.

Warm water, bubbles, silence, pure relaxation… These are just a few of the qualities men and women look for in taking a bath.  But what if you want to add another quality to the equation?  Having private time in the shower or bath is something we all think about or even perform.  So what if your hand just doesn’t cut it?  Well, JimmyJane, an adult toy company, just might have exactly what you need.

Form 2

The Form 2 is a waterproof vibrator designed for the ultimate aquatic experience money can buy.  That’s right, we said money can buy.  You didn’t think a waterproof vibrator was going to be cheap did you?  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this Form 2 waterproof vibrator:


  1. Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free
  2. It’s Waterproof…yay!
  3. Comes with a 3-year warranty
  4. Super Small (3X2 inches) which fits in your palm


  1. Price.  This waterproof vibrator comes in at $145 plus shipping which puts this adult toy in a league of it’s own.
  2. Size – This could be a pro or a con, depending on what you are looking for in a water vibrator.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons with this waterproof vibrator and we highly suggest adding it to your collection if you are into high-end water vibrators.  Some alternatives to this device, which is not a waterproof vibrator, is the Hitachi Magic Wand.  The Hitachi Magic Wand comes with a 1-year warranty and will not let you down because of it’s plug design which gives you constant relentless power for at least 25 minutes of use.

Magic Wand Original HV260

We hope you have a better understanding of waterproof vibrators and the benefits of owning one.  As always, we welcome questions or suggestions with any adult toy available on the market.

Magic Wand Massager for your husband

Ladies, today is the day to celebrate your husband as the love of your life and the father of your children.  If you haven’t purchased anything for him yet, take a look at three Magic Wand Massager choices he will absolutely LOVE and never forget.  After all, most men don’t really want a BBQ set.  🙂

Magic Wand Original HV260

His Package

Hummingbird“His Package” is a custom made Magic Wand Massager package which includes the original Magic Wand Massager by Hitachi, a bottle of water based lubricant by Gun Oil and the world famous Hummingbird attachment.  Take real good care of your man today by having him lay down, lubed up and slide on the Magic Wand Massager with the Hummingbird attachment.  Watch his eyes as he journeys down ecstasy lane and feel good about making this day very special for him.

Commando Package

M-Gasm“Commando Package” is also a custom made Magic Wand Massager package which includes the Magic Wand Massager by Hitachi, a bottle of water based lubricant by Gun Oil, the M-Gasm real life masturbator and a speed controller which allows him to pleasure himself far away from any plug socket.  True commandos need rugged gear and this is exactly what the Commando Package provides.  Get him this package and he is sure to use it for years to come.

Gentlemen Love Package

Who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds when it comes to their man?  Well if you like “His Package” and the “Commando Package,” the “Gentlemen Love Package” might be just the perfect Magic Wand Massager package for him.  This amazing bundled package has everything the previous two packages have and is sure to make your gentlemen begging for more.

It’s not to late to get him one of these three exciting packages, even if you got him a “Kiss Me, I’m the Cook” apron already.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions on our Magic Wand Massager packages or if you would like your very own custom package created.

Best Massager

What makes a fantastic massager?  With technology advancing rapidly every day, how does one choose the best massager for their aches and pains?  There are a few options to consider when looking to make your massager purchase.  See below for a quick breakdown of three important specifications you should look for in your individual best massager:

Best Massager

  1.  Price – This is of course one of the main concerns on everyones mind isn’t it?  There are portable handheld massagers that are in the price range of $12 all the way up to $200.  The main idea here is for the massager to make you feel better than you did before using it.  Rite Aid currently provides the Conair Personal massager for $11.89 and is perfect for someone looking for a quick fix when their aches and pains get out of control.  This massager is in no way a quality device and it will not last as long as some of the other massagers on the market.  The Hitachi Magic Wand would be your mid price level massager which is very high quality and also very affordable. currently provides this the Magic Wand Massager for $54.95 and also comes with a 1-year warranty.  If you are looking for a high end massager, the LELO Smart Wand is your best bet because this massager is for the high end clientele who won’t settle for anything less.  The benefits of this wand versus the Conair and Hitachi is it’s rechargeable and quite powerful.  Price is something to definitely consider when seeking the best massager out there so hopefully these three options will give you a better idea of what’s available today.
  2. Warranty – Some consumers refuse to purchase any electronics unless it comes with a warranty of some sort.  We can relate to this because with electronic items, there is always a possibility that something could break or stop working.  With the massagers mentioned above, both Hitachi Magic Wand and LELO Smart Wand come with a full 1-year manufacturers warranty which protects the consumer for any electronic failure as long as the item is not abused.  Keep in mind folks that water damage is not covered by the Hitachi Magic Wand however is covered by the LELO Smart Wand because this device is actually waterproof.  Pretty awesome right?  Well, it should be for $200!  🙂
  3. Longevity – How long a device lasts with consistent use is important to consumers as well.  “You get what you pay for” definitely applies with massagers today so choosing which massager is right for you is an important part of your purchase.  This Conair model is not very well know for lasting too long so we wouldn’t necessarily give it the “best massager” label but it does do the job.  Average consumers give this product a couple month life expectancy.   Then again, for $12, how much more could one really expect right?  The Hitachi Wand actually lasts a VERY long time and has reviews from people all over the world who claim the massager will last for at least 10 years.  10 YEARS IS A VERY LONG TIME and this massager has been world known for over 30 years!  The LELO Smart Wand is a fairly new device so there isn’t much data to support a long life expectancy.  This massager is so high end, we wouldn’t be surprised if it did last just as long as the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Remember, buying the best massager could be a fun and relaxing way to decrease the stress in your life.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us about any of the best massager devices available on the market today.


Vibrator Reviews

Who and what source can you trust about vibrator reviews online these days?  Affiliate marketing has taken over a large portion of the online sales showing on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing which means what you read might not always be from an objective standpoint.  So how do you separate vibrator reviews which are for the sole purpose of opportunist who just want to make a buck from honest reviewers who provide substance?  Read below to understand how affiliate marketing works from a vibrator reviews perspective.

You might have found yourself on a forum or blog of some sort if you are interested in a certain topic and there happens to be a website specifically about this topic.  For example, MacRumors is a blog which specifically caters to Apple products so people who are interested in Apple product updates and news generally visit MacRumors for the latest and greatest information.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  Well, it is!

Now what if a site like MacRumors catered to the adult industry and provided vibrator reviews with specific links which track back to the originating affilate marker every time there is a sale.  So let’s think about this for a second.  I’m an affiliate marketer and I want to sell sex toys but do not want to buy inventory, ship, manage and perform other aspects of the business.  What I would do is promote someone else’s product and make a commission when I refer a sale to him/her.  Sounds perfect and easy doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not quite as easy as people think.

First and foremost, you will need to be able to write MANY article reviews with rich content people will find useful and do so in a very objective way.  So as an example, if someone is trying to write vibrator reviews, they would pick a few sex toy products and provide as much relevant and truthful content about the vibrator as possible so the reader can get a quick summary of what kind of vibrator it is, how much it is, what separates it from the rest, what are the most important features and so on.  Once the affiliate marketer writes this article, they attach a special link to the page so when the potential reader actually buys the item that is being reviewed, the affiliate marketer makes their commission.

Hopefully you now have a very basic understanding of how this giant marketing world works.  Now without diving too deep into this marketing topic because let’s face it, you are here for sex toys, could you see how someone could bend the truth or downright lie just to make readers believe what they want to believe and purchase the item?

Let’s take a look at two scenarios and how to avoid the pitfalls of buying from an affiliate marketing review:

Vibrator Reviews

Honest Vibrator Review Example

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a 2-speed massager with the corded feature and comes with a 1-year manufactures warranty from defects.  This massager has some great attachments available which fit snug on the Hitachi Magic Wand because of it’s 2.5 inch foam head.

Dishonest Vibrator Review Example

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a 2-speed cordless massager which will last hours upon hours of vigorous use.  The Hitachi Magic Wand comes with a lifetime warranty from any defects and is sure to work with any adult toy attachment available on the market.

Can you see the difference now and how one review is obviously more enticing than the other?  This is the trouble with affiliate marketing because some marketers do not care what they write as long as it makes a sale and they make their commission.  This is why it is so important to read accurate vibrator reviews and be very careful about the source the review is coming from.

One main thing to look out for is embedded links into the article which take you to another page.  Pictures and links are very popular forms of affiliate marketing   For example, and no this is not a affiliate link, when you click on 50 Shades of Grey, you will notice that you are taken to  If we embedded an affiliate link and you happened to buy this book, we would have just made a sale. 🙂

Vibrator reviews can be useful and provide relevant information if the correct intent is provided to the person reading about vibrators.  Please contact us if you enjoyed this article or need some honest reviews on any vibrator in the market today.

Wand Vibrator

We know how stressful life can be with work, family and friends.  There is nothing worse than having a sexually frustrated woman at home merely because men can’t perform as many times a week as woman want.  There is nothing wrong with being tired and not in the mood from most men’s perspective but this couldn’t be more of an opposite understanding by women.  The truth is men, and believe us we know this for a fact, woman do not care how tired you are at the end of the day.  Woman have needs, just like men do, and they must be met or they just might start looking, thinking or worst of all acting on an sexual opportunity that may arrise elsewhere.  This is where the Wand Vibrator comes in to save the day and your relationship.

Wand VibratorMen, listen up and listen carefully.  You cannot compete with a Wand Vibrator.  No matter how young, strong, big or powerful you may think you are, the Wand Vibrator will ALWAYS outlast you in bed.  But guys, this isn’t a bad thing if you know how to use it to your advantage.  Most statistics show that average married couples have sex two times a week but most woman crave sexual satisfaction much more than this.  In fact, men even crave having an orgasm more than two times a week.  So why is having a Wand Vibrator a win win situation for both men and women?
From a man’s perspective, most men just need to release once in a while.  This release could be just a quick handjob, blowjob or 15-20 minutes with the Wand Vibrator.  This release does not involve doing the work involved in sex.  Let’s face it, all couples would like to have a few hours of sex a day but most people will not have the time or stamina to allocate that kind of energy daily.

Ladies, the Wand Vibrator has a few amazing attachments for men like the Hummingbird or the M-Gasm which can get your guy off quickly when he needs a quick release.  We suggest you strap on one of these amazing attachments to your guy and take him to pleasure town.  Trust us, he will be in a much better mood after Elvis has left the building! 😉

Men, the Wand Vibrator has many outstanding attachments for woman like the Blue Magic or the Flutter Tip attachment.  The Wand Vibrator is fantastic by itself but adding a few attachments to this device make this massager a dynamite addition to your bedroom toys.  Keeping your lady happy is easier than you think and involves you to approach this article with an open mind.

With limited pleasure time availability with most couples, using the Wand Vibrator to offset the nights/mornings you just cannot have sex is a sure fire way to keep your man or woman happy.  The Wand Vibrator should not replace sex so please do not get the wrong message ladies and gentlemen.  Sex is a natural and much needed act amongst couples and should be taken advantage of as much as possible.

To sum up our point, getting off with the Hitachi Magic Wand is very quick due to it’s powerful and consistent design so pleasing your partner will be a breeze and something you will thank us for doing down the line.  Remember, use this device as a supplement to your normal sexual activities, do not think it will replace it.

Hope you enjoyed this article and remember, don’t fall victim to a sexually frustrated husband or wife.  The solution is right in front of you, buy your Wand Vibrator today.

Magic Wand Massager Attachments

What is better than having a magic wand at home to take away that unwanted stress?  Nothing!  However, having Magic Wand Massager attachments make your experience much more enjoyable and is sure to put a smile on your face!  We will review some of the best selling Magic Wand Massager attachments, why you will love them and what makes them so popular:

Magic Wand Massager AttachmentsThe Flutter Tip is one of the #1 selling Magic Wand Massager Attachments because of it’s tongue like style and smooth texture.  The Flutter Tip fits the head of the Magic Wand and provides vibrations that will drive any woman through the roof.  Using water based lubricants on this attachment, such as ID Glide or Gun Oil,  is recommended for women who don’t like dry contact with a massager attachment. For only $29.99, this item is a perfect addition to your Magic Wand!

Love Nubs AttachmentLove Nubs is also a very popular Magic Wand Massager attachment because of it’s unique design with little soft strands of TPE which can be used to for those extra tense areas.  The Love Nubs is made with a food grade quality plastic which is not only safe on the human body but is also made to last with vigorous use.  The Love Nubs is featured in different packages we carry such as the Platinum and Diamond packages so be sure to check them out.

Nuzzle Tip AttachmentThe Nuzzle Tip, one of our newest additions to the Magic Wand Massagers attachments, has a high quality design which is curved for those extra special spots of a woman that need attention while providing little nubs on the curved section of this attachment.  This attachment is bright pink for those girly girls, fits snug on most massagers which includes but is not limited to the Hitachi Magic Wand and is sure to last years with aggressive use.

We have so many more Magic Wand Massager Attachments so please contact us if you would like some recommendations on what could work for you.  All our packages are awesome but we realize that you might want a custom package we haven’t already created.  Please contact us for a quote on your individual package made just the way you like!

What people think of the Hitachi Vibrator

Have you ever wondered what people think about the Hitachi Vibrator and why this device is so popular?  I mean, it’s been featured on many adult movies and even referred to as the “Cadillac of Vibrators” on the popular HBO series, Sex and the City.

Hitachi Vibrator

It’s not like there aren’t hundreds of massager manufactures that exist who haven’t created a similar product.  The truth is, there is a few companies who actually produce a very high end massager which has many more features than the Hitachi Vibrator.  So if different companies produce a better product, why do Hitachi Vibrators still sell out everywhere and are know around the world as the “Best Massager” money can buy.

Lelo, a Swedish company, makes a wonderful massager that is considered the “Ferrari of Massagers” but it still doesn’t compare to the Hitachi Vibrator.  Let’s take a look at their Smart Wand Large which is their largest cordless massager and the most comparable to the Hitachi Vibrator:

LELO Smart WandThe Smart Wand Large is fully waterproof, cordless and comes with a 1-year warranty which seems fantastic doesn’t it?  So why would anyone choose the Hitachi Vibrator over the Lelo Smart Wand?  Well, there are a number of reasons why but let us give you our main input as to why the Hitachi Vibrator is better in many ways.  First and foremost, the price is the main issue here.  The Smart Wand Large comes in at a price of $169-$189, depending on the color you want.  The Ivory colored LELO shown comes in at a price of $189.

The Hitachi Vibrator is currently priced at $54.95 which is a third of the price of the Lelo. Now think about that for a second.  You can buy three Hitachi Vibrators for the price of one Lelo Smart Wand.  With the average life expectance of 6-10 years with any Hitachi Vibrator purchase under normal use, it’s definitely something to consider.

The Hitachi Vibrator also comes with a cord which means you can get constant power for at least 25 minutes and will never worry about being let down right when you need it the most.  You know exactly what we mean by this right? 🙂

We can keep going on and on about the pros of the Hitachi Vibrator but we truly want you, the consumer, to make your choice and be happy with it.  The Lelo Smart Wand is a fantastic massager and very well performing so it’s something to think about.  Compare the pros and cons of both items and let us know what you think?  You can contact us anytime if you need additional information about these massagers.