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by Anonymous on
Only place to find an ACTUAL original authentic device
Item Purchased: Magic Wand HV260

I was so tired of purchasing what seemed to be a "great deal" on websites like eBay, Jet, Amazon, Walmart and more. Most of these companies allow anyone to sell what is claimed to be an "original" magic wand. This is so not true! Save your time, frustration and money. You won't find many stores that sell the original other than buying it here. I have looked for a while and tried many companies to find out they were all cheap imitations. I returned all my replicas and stopped believing that I can find a real magic wand massager for $50 or less. Purchased one from here and vwalla, it was the real deal and a solid massager which had the power I was once used to 25 years ago. Lesson learned for me is to not be so price driven because I wasted over a month with replicas, frustrated conversations and returns which cost me ridiculous hard earned money.

by Phi Phi on
Wand User
Item Purchased: 72712

I love this wand. My husband does to. Attachments or none it works amazing. I gush every single time.

by Ash on
Item Purchased: Utah

I’m 27 years old, had plenty of sex, and today was my first orgasm, thanks to the Magic Wand. Holy wow. Do yourself a favor and get one.

by Laynee on
Hitachi Magic Wand Cured My Depression
Item Purchased: Iowa

For a long time I had only orgasmed from sex. I always thought it was annoying that all my friends would orgasm when they masturbated but I didn't get much out of it. A close friend suggested this product and honestly it has given me the best orgasms of my life. Also positive that since I've started using this product, my depression is gone. Must be the oxytocin 😉

by Lisa on
Never Knew I Needed This!
Item Purchased: Indiana

I can literally say this has awakened my sexuality. I have never experienced a mind blowing orgasm that will leave me giddy for hours until this arrived in the mail. My fiancé also likes it too!

by Nicole on
Item Purchased: Oklahoma

Usually I’m a stubborn girl when it comes to relaxing and giving into toys. Using this thing once caused my new record of continual, comfortable orgasms. Never investing in any other toy!

by Jerry on
What a difference
Item Purchased: MO

Just ordered a new magic wand. I have an HV -250R and it finally quit working. I fell for the knock offs and I could tell the difference immediately. NO COMPARISON I took both apart last night to see if I could repair them. The motor is burned out on the copy. The original was repaired with little effort but it's now pretty noisy. After looking at the Real vs Fake here, it was obvious the original Hitachi is well worth the money. SO, I ordered a new one. Very likely will order another one soon. My wife using these to message her legs. She has trouble with muscle spasms. I'll never buy another cheap one. Only the original for me from now on. Thank you Hitachi magic wand.

by Chris on
Item Purchased: Georgia

Love when the wife gets revved up and then I get to join in. This is an exceptional product. Don't skimp, get the Magic Wand!

by Savannah on
VERY satisfied
Item Purchased: Wisconsin

Overall a very good purchase. My boyfriend loves the MGasm attachment, and if you soak it in hot water before use it makes it much more pleasurable. I love the hitachi itself, and the Love Nubs attachment. The dark blue attachments, I forget what they're called, are nice, but they're very hard plastic and may be uncomfortable for some people, so be aware of that when buying. Would definitely recommend getting the speed control unit as well.

by J on
Intense and Ergonomic
Item Purchased: Utah

The Hitachi is so intense. I can orgasm multiple times in a row. Usually by myself, without it, I get too tired to try to orgasm twice and I've always thought once is enough. I usually fall asleep right after since it takes me so long to get going by myself. But because the Hitachi just keeps going, and does all the work, I can orgasm way more times in one session now. It's amazing. I also had a sore lower back after hiking and the wand works well as a personal massager too. In just two short 5 minute sessions my muscle pains were gone. I did it twice before work. I thought of buying this for a couple years. Glad I finally did. I keep it plugged in next to my bed everyday for easy access!

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