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by Scuba Steve on
Best Vibrator EVER!
Item Purchased: Hitachi Wand

I purchased the Hitachi wand several years ago for my wife (my little bird) and WOW did it change our sex life for the good. We are an older couple that enjoys sex but it was getting harder for us to reach orgasm during love making. This Wand is amazing. My wife reached orgasm after just a few seconds. We went on to have sex 3 times on the first day we gave this a try. Now during sex she usually reaches 2 and sometimes 3 orgasm in a love making session. This of course boosts my ego just a little bit. I have always enjoyed hearing her moans when reaching the big 'O", now I get to her it a lot moreat product, an investment in your relationship!

by Paul Johnson on
Magic wand
Item Purchased: Magic wand

Great product and my wife really loves it.

by Mitch on
Item Purchased: Plus Model HV-265

Bought this for the wife and I as a 22nd year anniversary present. Fast and discrete shipping!
After using it on her several times, the wife said she is not quite sure about it…… but wow did it get her there! She used the humming bird attachment on me. I lasted about a minute. She laughed and said that was the quickest she’s seen me go since our early years! It was a good day! She commented that I’d better keep it hidden from her!
Suffice to say, it’s a hit!

by Josie Rex on
Super Vibrator, Super Experience
Item Purchased: Cordless Hitachi Vibrator HV270

I purchased the cordless hitachi vibrator after owning the plugin version for 2 years. All I can say is WOW. The cordless is awesome and well worth the price. I really liked the silicone head on the cordless magic wand since it felt softer on my body. I would recommend (and have already to my friends) to anyone looking for a strong sex toy that means business.

by Kelly P on
Too strong
Item Purchased: Magic Wand

It was too strong for me...sorry

by Alona on
Fantastic Power, great value
Item Purchased: Magic wand plus

I recently ordered my magic wand plus and am very happy with it. It cost a little more than I wanted to spend and I almost went with another brand but I am very happy I stuck with this magic wand. The name definitely backs up the power and hype this massager has gained.

Also, if you are worried about being discreet, my package arrived in a plain box and nowhere on it said "Vibrator or magic wand", lol. I would buy again.

by Garrett on
Great Product
Item Purchased: Magic Wand (HV-260)

The Hitachi Magic Wand is perfect. My wife can't stop using it...on herself or during sex. She loves it.  Great device.

by Shane on
Relationship Investment
Item Purchased: Hitachi Magic Wand

I bought our first Hitachi Wand approximately 9 years ago.It has been the best TOY investment we ever made. My wife sometimes would have a hard time reaching orgasm which did not make sex enjoyable. This was starting to put a strain on our sex life and marriage. She has never been a big fan of sex toys and vibrators and never seemed to want to explore. I purchased the Original Hitachi Magic Wand and WOW our sex lives changed for ever. The first time I brought it out and we used it she reached orgasm in just a few minutes. After the second orgasm of the morning we took a break for a while. Later that afternoon she suggested we play with the Wand again. This went on all day and I believe she orgasmed 6 times. Now when we play she usually cums 2 or 3 times. There is no more strain in our sex lives now. We wore the first one out in about 6 years playing with it several times a week. Basically, the cord plug wore the unit was running great. The second one we had got damaged while on vacation. We just purchased a new one which arrived the other day. We also purchased a sleeve attachment which is great for a guy. This has been the best investment a sex strained couple could make! We love it! There are a lot of imitations or cheaper brands, go with Quality and you will be very happy!

by John on
Item Purchased: MO

Great massager!  I will see how it performs in time and try the other versions if it checks out.

by larry on
Item Purchased: Wand and hummingbird

Girlfriend talked me in to getting one of these as we are separated by miles. Didn't like the hummingbird initially until I soaked it in warm water a couple of times and added the lube (I use Albolene moisturizer). Wow! I slide this thing on and have tremendous orgasms. I can use it to tease for an hour or more before climax. It definitely extends the length of your orgasm as well!

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