Hitachi Magic Wand – It’s monster mojito night!

Hitachi Magic Wand – It’s monster mojito night!

What could be better than having an ice cold mojito after a long day at work? Well, some fun time with your Hitachi Magic Wand and a mojito of course! provides a recipe for an excellent way to spend your Thursday with a drink in one hand and your Hitachi Magic Wand in your other.

There are a few ingredients needed to make the perfect mojito according to You will need 3 springs of fresh mint, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice or lime juice, 1.5 ounces of rum (Malibu is great) and chilled club soda. This would be just fine for someone who wants to have a small drink but is that what we recommend? Heck no! recommends doubling the dose of all the ingredients for a monster mojito!

What you will want to use for this monster mojito is a margarita glass because you are going to need the contents to fit in one glass while having room to sip on your delicious glass of paradise. Crushing the fresh mint is the next step in perfecting your monster mojito. This can be done with a spoon for a mashed version of the mojito or with a fork if you like the taste of mint between your teeth. After your mint is mashed, you can add the lime/lemon juice and the sugar. The next part is crucial and often overlooked when people make mojitos. CRUSH THE ICE! If you can find those little ice cubes select restaurants carry, you are golden. If it’s difficult to find this type of ice, then you can crush it yourself.

Adding the rum and club soda is your final step in completing your masterpiece monster mojito. Let it sit for a second and then sip away. Once you get a little buzz going from your monster mojito, it’s time to take out your Hitachi Magic Wand. Turn on the power of the magic wand on the speed you prefer and go to town on yourself. The combination of climaxing and sipping on a mojito is second to none, we guarantee it!

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