Magic Wand Original HV-260 vs Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

Magic Wand Original HV-260 vs Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

Is it the correct weight?  Where is it made?  Is it as powerful?  How many volts does it consume?  Which one is better?  Which one should I buy?  Which one is made by Hitachi?  Which one has warranty?  These are just some of the questions potential consumers ask in regards to the Magic Wand Original HV-260 and the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R.  As your trusted source of the Magic Wand Original HV-260, wanted to provide a full review/comparison for our customers who want to educate themselves on the purchase of the Magic Wand Original HV-260 and the discontinued Hitachi Magic Wand.  This review will provide answers to almost all the questions you might be contemplating before your purchase of your very own wand massager.  So without further ado, let the full review between these two massaging giants begin!

Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

Ahhh..what could be said about the Cadillac of vibrators that you already don’t know?  Well, probably a lot!  To start off, let’s discuss some history behind the Hitachi Magic Wand HV-250R.  The Magic Wand was created in 1970 by the Japanese world famous manufacturer Hitachi LTD who has sold everything from TV’s to massive construction tools.  One of the most common questions we were asked about the Hitachi Magic Wand is if this massager was made in China or Japan.  The HV250-R internals, which includes the motor, was designed and crafted in Japan but assembled in China.  With manufacturing costs extremely low in China, Hitachi LTD, much like most other companies, decided to have this wand assembled and shipped from China.  However, there is nothing negative that could be said about Chinese assembled items these days because most factories do operate in safe working conditions and have ISO9000 certifications to back this up.

Here are the technical specifications of the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

  • Power source: 110 – 120 volts electrical outlet
  • Two speeds: ca. 6,000 / 5,000 vibrations per minute (on high / low setting)
  • Weight: 1.57 lbs.
  • Dimensions: approx. 12” (length), 2 1/4” (head diameter)
  • Cord length: 6 foot
  • 24W High / 20W Low
  • Plug type: US polarized
  • UL Listed
  • Backed by a one-year warranty


Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R

So why was the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R so popular?  This iconic massager has been referenced in mainstream movies, adult movies, TV shows, talk shows and has been the leader in consistency since this wand hasn’t changed the way it’s looked/performed in over 30 years.  People naturally were attracted to the power and classic look of the wand.  Being under the $60 price mark, you really couldn’t get better “bang” for your buck.

As of August 2013, Hitachi LTD decided to discontinue the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R and release the next level of performance and perfection called the Magic Wand Original HV-260.  Many people ask us why the HV260 doesn’t have the “Hitachi” name on it anymore and the truth is we don’t know.  There has been speculation that Hitachi LTD didn’t want their name on a massager (mostly used as a vibrator) but this hasn’t been confirmed.  We think the new Magic Wand Original HV260 is better than the HV250R in a few ways.  Read below to find out why.

Magic Wand Original HV-260 

The big bad HV250-R goes to rest with the new and improved HV260 taking over.  The streets roar, people are yelling and screaming with excitement and joy.  Okay…maybe the yelling is coming from a different type of joy but none the less, the HV260 is here to stay!  With the discontinued HV250-R shocking people around the world, the Magic Wand Original HV-260 has large shoes to fill to be considered the same magic wand.

So what exactly is different with the Magic Wand Original HV-260 compared to the HV250-R?  Well, first and foremost, there isn’t much that has visually changed from the look of the HV-260 vs the HV250-R other than the name change on the device itself.  The HV250-R shows “Hitachi Magic Wand” and the HV260 shows “Magic Wand Original” on the actual massager by the switch.  What most people don’t understand or look past is that the Magic Wand Original HV-260 is actually still made by Hitachi.  We get this question asked a lot as well and even have customers come back and state “this is not a Hitachi.”  The HV260 is very much so a Hitachi device internally and externally.  Take a look at the detailed specifications below:

Here are the technical specifications of the Magic Wand Original HV-260

  • Power source: 110 – 120 volts electrical outlet
  • Two speeds: ca. 6,000 / 5,000 vibrations per minute (on high / low setting)
  • Weight: 1.45 lbs.
  • Dimensions: approx. 12” (length), 2 1/4” (head diameter)
  • Cord length: 6 foot
  • 10W (no load)
  • Plug type: US polarized
  • ETL listed (proof of product compliance with North American safety standards)
  • Registered with the FDA as a medical device
  • Backed by a one-year warranty

As you can tell, the Magic Wand Original HV-260 is very similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand with the exception of a few items.  The weight of the HV260 has been minimized to add additional flexibility when using this device.  This is a huge plus since most people have complained about the heavy weight of the HV250-R.  This really comes in play when you are using this massager on your shoulders or back because it’s less strain on your arms, hands and of course wrists.  The second main benefit is the watts of the device it performs under.  We have confirmed that the Magic Wand Original HV-260 comes with a newer, technologically advanced motor which not only runs quieter (your neighbors won’t hear this device as much as they would with the HV250-R) but also runs more efficient with less power draw.  There has been no power loss with the HV260 that is noticeable due to decreased weight in the overall device in addition to the more efficient motor.  Most people will assume that the HV250-R is automatically better because of the higher wattage.  This is however just not true because the Magic Wand Original HV-260 was made specifically to outperform the HV250-R and this is just what was done.

Being an official retailer of the HV250-R in the past, we can confirm that one of the main complaints received by consumers of the HV250-R was that it gets very hot after 15 minutes of use.  This has also been addressed with the Magic Wand Original HV-260.  With the new internal change with the HV260, this massager will now run cooler and longer with a total maximum recommended time of 25 minutes (10 minutes more than the HV250-R.  It is always recommended that you allow the device to cool at least 30 minutes after 25 minutes of use to allow the motor to cool down and not overheat.  Being registered with the FDA as an official medical device, the Magic Wand Original HV-260 does give consumers the confidence and peace of mind that this massager is safe to use on most body parts.

Magic Wand Original HV-260

 Who is and what do they provide? is an official retailer of the Magic Wand Original HV-260.  In fact, this is the only Magic Wand we sell.  Our company structure is unique and different because we try to consider ourselves the best for providing superb customer service while educating our customers on what to look out for when purchasing the Magic Wand Original HV-260. We only provide the best custom tailored packages which are specifically made to please you for many years to come.  Some of our best selling packages include the following:

Love Nub Package, Lady Love Package, Tri-Tip Package and many more.  We love to help our current and potential customers understand the differences between massager models or how to identify a replica wand from an original.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests, we will be more than happy to help!

Buying a real Magic Wand Original vs a Replica Hitachi Magic Wand

When an item is popular and ends up being one of the best selling devices in the world, naturally this is going to gain the attention from copycat’s around the world.  This is true for any electronic item or really any item that a demand is created for.  Jewelery, Clothing, Shoes, Electronics such as the Magic Wand Original, DVD movies, Computer Software and more all fall into the category of potential replica’s when opportunists try to make a buck from the original manufacturers creation while violating trademarks and other intellectual property.

The Magic Wand Original HV260, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand HV-250R, is no exception to this strategy and has gone through a good amount of heartache due to these unethical manufacturers.  One of the largest areas where replica items are sold are on price sensitive sites such as eBay, Amazon, Nextag and many more.  The truth is, there are many honest sellers of products on these price sensitive sites who are just trying to make a living providing goods to consumers.  We classify sellers on these price sensitive sites into two categories:

  1. The honest seller who has no idea the manufacturer/distributor he or she purchased the items from for resale are replicas.  We have seen many requests come our way where consumers purchased the Hitachi Magic Wand from sites like these just to find out that they have been duped into a deal that was too good to be true.
  2. The second type of seller is someone who knows that what they are selling is fake but have the mentality that if they (The seller) cannot even tell a real from the fake, how is the consumer going to.  This is FALSE FALSE FALSE!  Consumers these days, with the help of the internet, are much more savvy then they used to be and know how to search for the best selling, authentic, items.  Not to mention, we do our best to educate our consumers ourselves. 🙂

The number 2 type seller is who we are trying to educate the consumers about through our articles because we honestly want you to know what you are purchasing before you enter your credit card information.  Not to say that the number 1 sellers mentioned above are not at fault as well but often times, mistakes happen and as long as it’s corrected (Money back or item returned), then we are understanding of this situation. These price sensitive sites honestly are doing their best to ensure people do not sell fake, replica, trademarked items on their websites and have a number of ways of determining unscrupulous sellers from the honest ones.  Ebay for example has the feedback feature many people use to determine how well the seller has treated previous customers.  Ebay also has the report a problem feature where any consumer or potential consumer can report an unscrupulous seller to eBay for further research.  Amazon and Nextag have very similar models which help consumers who want to make their purchase online.

You might be thinking, “How is it that these price sensitive sites allow these types of unethical sellers to even participate in their marketplace?”  The reply to this question is not an easy one to answer but we will do our best to address this for our customers.  Anyone with a credit card or PayPal account can create a profile with price sensitive sites and begin selling items within 15 minutes.  These people could sell anything from used lawn furniture to new electronics.  Price sensitive sites do not have the capability to verify the inventory of sellers products due to the volume of sellers in the world.  We wouldn’t assume that sellers at a swap meet have their products scanned and verified by the swap meet authorities would we?  The same is true for price sensitive sites.

 Buying a real Magic Wand Original vs a Replica Hitachi Magic Wand

 Now that you have a better idea of how price sensitive sites work, let’s get down to identifying the common sources of replicas.  Now keep in mind, these marketplaces are NOT only a supplier of replicas.  There are authentic items available.  We are merely going off results from our research on where these fake Magic Wand Original massagers arrive from.

Alibaba is an online import/export company who provides an excellent service to consumers around the world who want to obtain products made in different countries where their trade might be stronger than your parent company.  For example, California is very big on cashews.  Quite honestly, California has some of the best cashews in the world so different companies buy these cashews and import them into their country.  Anyway, back to Alibaba.  A quick search on this site for the Hitachi Wand will produce results of manufacturers around the world who are supposedly selling the Hitachi Wand for a lot less than what it’s available for in North America.  We have contacted many of these companies and even purchased massagers to see what type of product we will get.  Our results have been quite shocking.  After making many different purchases for the Hitachi Massager, we can confirm that not one of the personal massagers we purchased were authentic.  Pretty sad right?

Here is an example/picture of a replica massager

Fake Hitachi Magic Wand

Made-in-China is another company that has been known to provide access to manufacturers around the world who have no problem selling a replica massager to consumers directly or businesses who will resell these items.  There are international laws that are in a grey area so these sellers get away with it. Just to be clear, there are tremendous benefits with sites like Alibaba and Made-in-China and we are in no way telling you not to purchase items from these sites.  We are just providing actual feedback from our experience for Magic Wands.

What is our part in this whole thing and what are we doing about it.

As an authentic Magic Wand Original retailer, we are constantly doing our best to ensure consumers worldwide are educated on what to look for in an authentic massager versus a replica massager.  We also have a small team of consultants constantly reporting unethical sellers on price sensitive sites to the correct authorities and ensure there is an ongoing effort towards disallowing these types of seller from participating in online marketplaces.  This is a job no one pays us for so as you could imagine, we are using limited resources available in stopping fake massager from being sold online and allowing consumers to have that confidence in purchasing from an actual Hitachi approved dealer.

Magic Wand Original HV260If you like what you are reading and this article has helped you determine how to proceed with your Magic Wand purchase, we have done our job well!  If you are still confused on what to look for in a real Hitachi Massager versus a fake one, we have another article you could refer to which provides great detail around this topic and what to exactly look for to verify real vs fake.  It is as follows:

Identifying a Real Hitachi Wand over a Fake Massager

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about this wonderful product and encourage you to ask us any questions about this massager by Contacting Us.

Identifying a real Hitachi Wand over a Fake Massager

 Real Hitachi Wand vs. Fake Massagers

There is nothing worse that buying an item online or in a brick & mortar store, believing that it’s an authentic item, only to realize you have been duped into buying a replica.  Often times, sellers themselves don’t know items they sell to consumers are replicas which is why we have decided to provide an extensive guide on identifying the real Hitachi Wand from the fake versions.

Different countries from all over the world have attempted to replicate the Hitachi Wand and quite honestly have come close.  However, reading this guide will give consumers the advantage over unscrupulous sellers who sell fake massagers and stamp the “Hitachi” name on it.  Today, we will provide pictures, descriptions and other identifying factors for a fake Hitachi Wand, the real Hitachi Wand HV250R and the brand new real Magic Wand Original HV260.

Hitachi Wand Comparisons

Starting with the boxes of these massagers, the top massager box in the picture above is a verified fake box to the Hitachi massager.  Common areas where this box has been seen from is China, Africa and Korea.  Not to say that these countries don’t produce high quality products, this guide is merely to help consumers identify a fake Hitachi Wand box and what to look out for.  The printing quality of the top box will be distorted and the colors just don’t look correct compared to the middle and bottom boxes which are both authentic boxes for two Hitachi models.

The Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R has been the best selling massager for over 30 years and hasn’t changed much in looks/functionality.  As of June 2013, the HV250R was replaced by the HV260 which is almost identical but has slight changes we will discuss below.  Just to clear the record, both the HV250R & HV260 are authentic Hitachi Massagers which will provide quality performance for years to come.

Hitachi Wands


The picture above shows the replica Hitachi massager (TOP), the verified authentic Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R (Middle) and the verified authentic Magic Wand Original HV260 (Bottom).  From your first glance, these massagers all look very similar but the functionality and performance is only true and consistent with 2 out of the 3 massagers, (HV250R & HV260).  Let us take a deeper look at the differences between these 3 massagers below:

Fake Hitachi WandThe replica/fake massager pictured to the left is definitely poorly made.  The first and easiest give away that a Hitachi massager is fake from the weight of the device.  As you can see , this replica massager only weighs 15 ounces which is a lot lighter (almost half a pound) than the real Hitachi Wand versions we will describe.  So what else is wrong with it you ask?  Well for starters, this massager is not UL certified which is a very important aspect to look for when buying a household electronic appliance.  Buying a massager that is not UL certified, such as this one, can catch on fire.  Yes, we have heard horror stories about this happening quite a bit.  This replica massager comes in a 2-speed version, just like the authentic HV250R & HV260, but the power is just not there.  We purchased this replica massager from a major online price sensitive site (Name cannot be mentioned but you get the picture).  We turned on the massager and compared it side by side with the real Hitachi Wand versions and quickly noticed how poor the quality really is.  Here is also the big kicker, this replica wand actually stopped working for us just 1 week of purchasing it due to an electrical issue with the cord.  It would not start and was useless within 7 days.

Hitachi Magic Wand HV250RThe Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R pictured to the left has been the best selling authentic massager for over 30 years.  This real Hitachi Wand is very high quality and extremely well priced compared to other massagers.  Coming in at 1lb 5 ounces, this massager is heavy duty and packs a big punch when it’s turned on.  Many people keep the massager in the low speed function because it’s plenty but if you are the type of person who needs an aggressive massager, the HV250R is perfect for you.  This massager comes with a 1-year FULL manufacturers warranty and protects consumers from defects if any should occur with this wand.

Magic Wand Original HV260RThe Magic Wand Original, also made by Hitachi, is the newest massager to the Hitachi brand.  The HV260 actually is replacing the HV250R and has some very minor changes to the massager itself.  Our sources explained that Hitachi wanted a new colored box, a slight change to the massagers weight which makes it lighter but just as strong as the HV250R.  The Magic Wand Original comes in at 1lb 4 ounces (1 ounce less) which cannot be justified or felt when holding both massagers together (HV250R & HV260).  Consumers should rest assure that this Magic Wand Original is almost exactly like the Hitachi HV250R and also comes with a FULL 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Below are 5 updated reasons in knowing your Hitachi Wand is authentic:

  1. The Hitachi HV250R & HV260 does not have a removable foam head.  The head can be removed if forced but is not not supposed to be forced off.  Fake Hitachi massagers actually have the foam head come off easily due to a poor fitment design.
  2. Only the HV250R & HV260 are heavy (see weight above) which leaves the replica massagers weighing less than 1 pound.
  3. The Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R and the Magic Wand Original HV260 has a rocker switch with the off position being in the middle. It will have the low speed in one direction and a high speed in another direction.  Replica massagers usually don’t have this functionality.
  4. The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for both the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R and Magic Wand Original HV260 is $54.95 as of June 2013.  What this means is true Hitachi Wand retailers such as cannot sell a real Hitachi Wand for less than $54.95.  If you see the HV250R & HV260 selling for less than this price, BE AWARE because it could be a replica!
  5. The Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R and the Magic Wand Original HV260 is currently (as of June 2013) designed in Japan while being assembled in China.  What this means is the device goes through the rigorous tests and structure improvements in Japan.  All the parts are then shipped to China for assembly.

As always, is here to help answer any questions about these massagers so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.