Where is your Easter Egg Vibe?

Where is your Easter Egg Vibe?

Easter 2015 is here and the egg hunt is about to begin.  As an adult, you could have your own Easter Egg Vibe and eliminate the whole hunt right now!  With multiple speeds, a wireless controller and small enough to throw in your purse, the Egg Vibe is the perfect addition to your pleasure chest.

Egg Vibe

High quality silicone vibrator doesn’t have to be expensive

High quality silicone vibrator doesn’t have to be expensive

Exotic G-Spot Vibrators

 It’s hard to put a price on pleasure, but it can make your decision making a bit more complex if your budget is limited and the vibrator that you really want is just a bit out of reach. Some of the best vibrators on the market are made from silicone but they are also some of the most expensive. But are there any alternatives? In this article we take a look at the Exotic G-Spot – a silicone vibrator with all the advantages of being made from a lightweight, durable, and waterproof material without the hefty price-tag that you would normally associate with a silicone sex toy.

 Why is silicone best?

Silicone is widely considered the best material with which to make sex toys. It feels similar to rubber but is heat resistant and very durable. The feel of silicone is a bit sexy, silky smooth to touch, soft enough to insert easily into your orifice but also firm and rigid enough to retain their shape and pressure exactly where you need it in order to give you the satisfaction that you’re looking for. Silicone is also waterproof and easy to clean – both fairly important requirements for your sex toys. The down-side with silicone is that it is generally quite expensive and can put your ideal sex toys out of your reach if you are operating on a limited budget.

 The Exotic G-Spot

The Exotic G-Spot silicone vibrator has a lot going for it – it is sleek in shape, rechargeable, and comes with six speeds and seven different functions. That is a whole lot of pleasure in one unique little pleasure pack. However, one of the main reasons that the Exotic G-Spot silicone vibrator is so popular is that is incredibly affordable. Compared to other silicone vibrators on the market, the Exotic G-Spot is roughly half the price. Even though it is an affordable option you’re really not compromising on anything – it measures just over six inches in length and in terms of pleasure power it packs a real punch, exactly where you want it.

 The secret of G-Spot vibrators

A G-spot vibrator is similar in many ways to a penis-shaped vibrator but it has a curved shape that makes it easier to specifically stimulate the G-spot in women or the prostate in men. The curve is generally towards the tip of the device in order to maximise pleasure. G-spot vibrators come in all different sizes and can vibrate or can be used without vibrations, however it is generally believed that vibrations are more effective at stimulating a woman’s g-spot. When you are using a G-spot vibrator such as the Exotic G-Spot silicone vibrator it is generally recommended that you use a generous amount of lubricant in order to maximize your pleasure.

Finding the right vibrator is essential to ensuring that you can ensure your personal satisfaction. Vibrators made from silicone are recommended as being particularly effective, and G-spot vibrators are some of the most popular on the market. The Exotic G-Spot silicone vibrator combines the best material with the best shape at the best price. That is going to make a lot of people very happy.

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