Finally the Hitachi Magic Wand wins the attention of a man!

Finally, the Hitachi Magic Wand wins the attention of a man!

The Hitachi Magic Wand is no stranger to many people in the world. We think it’s safe to say that the Hitachi Magic Wand could unarguably be the most recognized massager/vibrator ever made. The Hitachi has been seen everywhere from regular TV commercials to being in action in full blow adult movies. One thing it didn’t always win the attention of was the use for a man. Don’t get us wrong, many men purchase the Hitachi Magic Wand but this is usually because they are buying it for their wife or girlfriend. Just recently, men have been curious about this device since there are male attachments that are made for the Hitachi Magic Wand. The pleasure isn’t just for the ladies anymore! Read below about Jose Reyes, a 32-year-old technician for a cable company, who recently contacted us about the Hitachi Magic Wand. Jose has a very funny story to share!,

My name is Jose Reyes and I’m a field technician for a local cable company. I wanted to share an interesting story that happened to me with you guys. It was a Tuesday morning and I had an appointment at a lady’s house in Porter Ranch, CA. Her Internet was not working so I was called to fix it. This seemed like a typical day for me since this is how I make a living. I greet the lady at the door, I won’t mention her name, and she walks me to the office where the cable router is. She was very nice, offered me some water and also was VERY cute. I’m guessing she was in her mid 30’s but I can’t tell for sure. I performed a standard reset of her router and was waiting for it to boot up. I looked down to the floor and what did I see lying there plugged in? You guessed it, a Hitachi Magic Wand!

I had to take a pic of it. This chick probably uses the Magic Wand while she sits at her desk and maybe even puts on a little porn when the Internet is working. Okay, Okay, maybe I let my imagination take over a little bit but I wasn’t THAT far off. The fact of the matter was, a Hitachi Magic Wand was on the floor and it was plugged in. Normally, we are not allowed to ask personal questions to clients of course but I could not resist this one! I was dying to bust her and see how she would react when I asked her what that was. At this point, the cable modem booted up and the Internet seemed to be working. I filled out some paperwork so I could have her sign it. After she signed the document that services were performed, I did it! I asked her, without hesitation, the following question. While pointing at it, I said: “Excuse me maam, is that a neck massager?”

The look on this lady’s face was classic. I almost lost it and started laughing but kept my composure. She replied in a guilty and squeaky voice, “I use it for my back and neck when I need it.” Right away, I started thinking to myself why women lie about personal massagers and vibrators. It’s obviously women love and use vibrators these days so why deny it? Needless to say, it got pretty awkward after that point and it was time for me to leave.

That evening when I got home from work, I couldn’t help but check online for Hitachi Magic Wand’s. Your company came up on Google and I thought I would see what’s out there. About 40 seconds later, JACKPOT! There are male attachments for the Hitachi Magic Wand?!? What the F*&^? “His Package” had the Hummingbird accessory I wanted to try and I knew I had to have this thing. It’s been about 2 weeks since I bought this package and my mind is blown every time I use it. Why doesn’t every guy know about this thing?!? Thank you for providing this package and catering to the men. I guess I should also thank the lady that reminded me about the Hitachi Magic Wand too huh!.


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