Get a replacement Magic Wand Rechargeable Charger

Replacement Magic Wand Rechargeable Charger

Do you currently have the best selling Magic Wand Rechargeable massager, model HV-270, and are missing the charging cable/adapter?  We know how frustrating this could be to lose the main part to your favorite toy.  Please don’t lose any sleep over this!  We now have the HV-270 charging adapter for sale as a separate unit.

Magic Wand Rechargeable ChargerDon’t be fooled by companies telling you that you must buy a brand new massager if you lose or break your charging adapter.  That is simply not true!  The HV-270 charging adapter we provide is a genuine OEM replacement part and will work perfectly with your Magic Wand Rechargeable massager while also keeping the device under the 1-year factory warranty.

You can get your Magic Wand Rechargeable Charger on our website under the accessories menu or by directly clicking HERE.


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