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Lady Love Package

$266.92 $249.99

The Lady Love package is perfect for anyone looking for the Hitachi Magic Wand and some best selling attachments that work perfectly with this magical device! You get the Hitachi Magic Wand, Wand Speed Controller, Love Nub, Tri-Gasm Attachment, G-Tip Attachment, Flutter Tip Attachment, Blue Magic Attachments and a bottle of ID-Glide water based Lubricant. You will not be disappointed by this dynamite package tailor made for ladies!

Product Description

The Lady Love Package comes with:

1. The Magic Wand Original HV260 Massager
2. Variable Wand Speed Controller
3. Tri-Gasm Attachment
4. G-Tip Attachment
5. Flutter Tip Attachment
6. Love Nub Attachment
7. Blue Magic Attachments
8. ID-Glide Water Based Lubricant