Is The Stigma On Sex Toys Almost Gone?

What is it about sex toys that make discussing them so taboo? The topic almost never comes up when you are with friends and most definitely doesn’t come up with family members. The times may be changing though. This stigma that has been on sex toys looks like it’s slowly diminishing. This is because being able to purchase one or a few pleasure products have become so much easier. Today we will discuss why this uncomfortable topic for some to discuss won’t stay that way for long.

What is the big deal anyway?

Why is it that people don’t feel comfortable talking about sex toys? When women purchase a new purse or get a Swedish massage at their favorite relaxation spa, don’t they discuss it with their friends? Sure they do. This is normal behavior to talk about things that bring us, humans, pleasure. So why is it that most women and men don’t talk about their favorite vibrator or dildo? Is it just too graphic? Is it a confirmation of masturbation?

Self-pleasure or masturbation goes back to the prehistoric era where there is evidence men and women started pleasuring themselves thousands of years ago. Fast forward to today’s climate, sex toys and masturbation isn’t something everyone is comfortable discussing. For men, a joke is usually made when masturbation is discussed amongst friends. As for women, the same may be true or not discussed at all. If masturbation has been a part of life for so many years and instruments that enhance this self-pleasure makes people happier, what’s the big deal?

Where are sex toys purchased today?

Sex Toys

Try to visualize how people used to purchase sex toys in the past. The thought of dressing up in a trench coat, hat, and sunglasses while going to your local adult store is a thing of the past. Although some people still do prefer to touch it, hold it and feel the device in their hand before they purchase, there is a much easier way.

Online shopping has become wildly popular for purchasing sex toys since packages arrive in a plain box with no mention of what is inside. Short of your postal employee opening your package, no one would know if you were receiving a Hitachi Magic Wand or a blender. This is an amazing benefit for those who enjoy sex toys but don’t want to be so public about it.

How is the stigma on sex toys diminishing?

If you go to your local large pharmacies such as CVS, Rite Aid or Walmart, you will come across the section of condoms, lubricants and other contraceptives. These types of items have always been in these stores so there is nothing new here. However, what you will notice today is how much larger the shelf space for these types of items is! Meaning, what used to be a one shelf location for condoms and lubes has now transformed into a whole isle on sexual wellness items which include sex toys!

We believe this is the start to the end. The end of the stigma on sex toys that is. If larger retail chains as mentioned above are starting to carry items such as vibrators and other devices, this means two things.

  1. The demand for sex toys has increased and people want them plus are getting more comfortable with them.
  2. The likelihood that these items will sell is very high or else a company like CVS or Walmart would not waste valuable shelf space on it.

It’s only a matter of time when you bump into Sally at Walmart and you see a sex massager in her shopping cart next to the carrots and milk she was buying. Who knows, this may jump-start the conversation you have been wanting to have with her all along!

Lead the way with the discussion

Sex Toys

Be bold and make a move when it comes to the discussion of sex toys. Chances are if you really enjoy them, people who are your friends and share similar interests probably like sex toys just as much as you do. Imagine how much fun lunch with your girlfriend or bros would be if you discuss your favorite lube and sex toy instead of small talk. Being the first person who brings up the topic of what is the best sex toys generally, lead the way and bring a closeness to that friend you have always had.

Although it will be a slow path to being openly discussed with everyone, sex toys are in fact becoming easier to talk about today. In 10 years, we are sure we will see even further advancement in this topic.

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