Men who love the Hitachi Massager

Men who love the Hitachi Massager
The Hitachi Massager has been a pleasure machine for women over the past 30 years. Hitachi must have known that the multi use massager would have been a huge hit with woman but they probably never considered the possibility that men could use the device as well. The truth is, many men purchase the Hitachi Massager in addition to woman mainly because they want to use it on their wife or girlfriend. However, there are ways to please yourself if you are a male and own the Hitachi Massager. Read below for a couple different ways to use the Hitachi Massager if you are dude!

There are a couple different ways to use the Hitachi Massager if you are a man. The first way is to lay back on a bed and use the Hitachi Massager on the head of the penis stroking it up and down with it’s safe plastic 2.5 inch diameter head. There are two speed functions that is sure to get you there if you can stroke your penis from the bottom of the shaft to the top of the head while thinking of someone amazing in your fantasy or real life.

Another great way to use the Hitachi Massager is to put on a condom and stroke your penis while standing and thrusting in a forward and backward position. This method is the preferred way by many men because it’s not messy when you climax and a great way to improve your stamina while having a condom on. Many men complain that having a condom on during sex kills their erection but many times, this is just due to low stamina. Practice does make perfect and practicing with the Hitachi Massager and a condom is a surefire way to be a rock star in bed.

Are you looking for additional ways to use your Hitachi Massager? Want to purchase your very own Hitachi Massager? Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions.

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