The many benefits of owning a dildo

What is a dildo and why are men and women so fascinated by them?  A dildo, by definition according to Wikipedia, is a sexual device that looks like an erect penis by its size, shape, weight and overall appearance.  Why men and women around the world love owning a dildo is because it doesn’t require batteries, you don’t need to plug it in and dildos won’t ever let you down when you need intimate satisfaction the most.

Since all people have different likes and dislikes about their partners, buying a dildo could be a fantastic way to fantasize and pleasure yourself with an item that is completely opposite to your partners.  For example, if your partner has an average sized penis (which is 4.5 inches in the United States), you could experiment with a much larger dildo such as 7 or 9-inch adult toy.  The act of having a different shaped, colored or sized penis could make the ultimate difference in the bedroom because let’s face it, we sometimes want what we can’t have. 🙂

Adult male stars actually have replicated their penis size and have sold this item to men and women around the world who want to experience penetration by a mold of an actual movie star’s penis.  You actually get to cheat on your husband or wife with one of these molds without the guilt from the actual act.

There are a number of reasons why and how you can use a dildo.  Let us discuss the top 5 reasons you might or might not already know about:

  1. The first and obvious use of this item is vaginal penetration.  This conventional pleasure method involves a woman using a rubber penis on herself to replicate intercourse with a male.
  2. Gay partners use dildos as a form of safe sex because you can pleasure your partner in the anus without risk of obtaining a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).
  3. Fellatio practice is perfect on this item because you can practice your strategy and perfect it before actually performing this act on your partner.
  4. Females can strap on this item to a belt and penetrate your partner as if they had an actual penis themselves.  This belt, also referred to as “Strap On,” is perfect for women on women action who want the look and feel of a penis.
  5.  Last but not least, these dildos can be made in many different materials such as rubber, sex flesh, glass or even a fruit such as a banana.  Squash, and cucumbers are also fantastic dildo candidates when you don’t have the real deal.

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