Top 3 reasons why men hate wearing a condom

What is it about a condom that makes men avoid it like the plague?  Wearing a condom is ranked one of the worst and most irritable parts of sex and men around the world will do anything not to wear one if they don’t have to.  Well, sadly, this is how and why most of unplanned pregnancies take place.  We thought this topic was interesting so we dug in deeper to really understand the “why.”  Why is it that men don’t like wearing condoms?

Well, the first reason we researched in our analysis was the cost factor.  Yes, you read that right!  Some men do not wear condoms because of the cost.  As crazy as this sounds, we kind of understand where they are coming from.  The standard amount of condoms in a box are 3 and usually cost around $3-$5, depending on the type.  If you are having a LOT of sex, this could turn into a bit of a expense unless you buy condoms in bulk which should save you at least 20%.  Long story short gentlemen, it’s fantastic to budget your finances correctly and not overspend.  We however don’t think condoms are where the budgeting should come in.  This is especially true if you consider how much diapers are for new born babies. 😉

The second reason why men hate to wear a condom is they don’t plan for it.  This one also made a lot of sense because sometimes, you just get lucky and don’t have one on you.  BAD BAD BAD!  Going the extra mile to the local market/store to get a box is well worth the wait and could save you years of potential STD heartache.  Storing a condom in your wallet or purse is usually not recommended by most because of excessive heat and wear.  However, if you do go through a good amount of condoms a week, storing one in your wallet might not be a bad idea as long as you use it within a given week.

The last but definitely not least reason why men hate wearing condoms is because of the loss in feeling!  Of course!  This is the biggest and main problem why NO MAN wants to stop when things are hot and heavy to put on a jimmy.  Let’s face it, a condom is made to cover your penis and sperm from escaping.  It only makes sense that to capture sperm, the condom must be tight right?  Well if putting a tight condom on cuts your circulation down there, we have a solution for you!

Magnum CondomYou might, and we stress might, be too thick (big) for your current condom.  Magnum condoms by Trojan are not only for men who have a long penis but are also for men who don’t like it too tight if they have a thick member.  Trojan makes a damn fine condom and we recommend to any man who experiences issues with the tight ring at the base of your penis to try out the Magnum by Trojan.  What’s the worse that can happen, you use it as a rubber protector for your ladies favorite vibrator if the magnum keeps slipping off.

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