Feeling jealous of the Hitachi Magic Wand?

Feeling jealous of the Hitachi Magic Wand?
The HitachiMagic.com staff read an interesting article on Reddit about how a man felt secondary to the Hitachi Magic Wand with his wife. This short story explains how he and his wife haven’t had too much time to have sex lately while they are normally a very sexually active couple. Will the Hitachi Magic Wand prevail for some quick release? Read below to find out

Dear Reddit,

My wife and I have an active and varied sex life. We probably own a couple thousand dollars worth of sex toys and furniture. We recently added the Hitachi Wand. Because of having my daughter for nine days, immediately followed by my wife becoming ill, we have only had sex three times in a little over two weeks, well below our average. Typically, we make love more times then that on a Saturday. Tonight it looks like the drought might break. At breakfast she looks at me and says, “I don’t care what we do tonight, as long as it starts with the Hitachi.” So now I feel like a dick. Our lovemaking is special because it has never been about fucking and always has been a physical expression of love. This offhand comment made me feel like I wasn’t missed for the past two weeks, but the Wand was. I can’t believe I actually am feeling upset about this. How would you guys feel in this situation? Am I being overly sensitive?

Although these questions weren’t addressed to HitachiMagic.com, we are going to answer them here since we have first hand experience with this topic. First off, there is no way a man could be replaced by a massager, even one as magical as the Hitachi Magic Wand. We think your wife is just going through a hard time and she really needs some relief. Her statements about the Hitachi Magic Wand instead of statements about your lovemaking should not be taken personal. She does still loves you, we’re sure of it. When there are family members that stay over, in this case your daughter, it’s been hard on her since you two haven’t had the alone time you were used to having. Not to mention, she has been ill so giving her a little space, even with the Hitachi Magic Wand, might be exactly what she needs.

Here is a suggestion, every bathroom these days have a plug on the wall. Go in there with her for 5 minutes and watch her pleasure herself with the Hitachi while kissing her. Even if 5 minutes is all you can spend with your wife without your daughter being suspicious, do it! She will appreciate you being attentive to her needs and will most likely return the favor once you two are alone again. When that moment comes, and it will, you two will rock and roll!

You can view the article in Reddit HERE to see other peoples opinions on the matter.

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