Hitachi Magic Wand for your lady, oral pleasure for you!

Hitachi Magic Wand for your lady, oral pleasure for you!
What do men love more than anything in the whole world? Oral pleasure of course! What makes oral pleasure so amazing and why is it a must have by 97% of men? researches this must have by men and provides advice on how you can get so much more of it by handing her the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Men love oral pleasure because it just down right feels amazing, right? Well, this isn’t always the case says Adam Melnick, the new owner of a Hitachi Magic Wand he purchased 2 months ago. Adam has kept in touch with the staff at and is a loyal visitor of our blog. He wrote to us a while back discussing how he wants to get more oral pleasure from his girlfriend. Read below for a quick glance at what Adam had to say:


I would first like to thank you for the great deal on my Hitachi Magic Wand. I was skeptical at first with your establishment because I’m not really comfortable buying anything online. Thank you for proving to me that great businesses do exist online. Anyway, I’m in a bit of a pickle. I LOVE to get head and can’t stop thinking about it. My girlfriend, I won’t mention her name, always complains about giving me a blowjob when I ask for one. She always huffs and puffs and makes it seem like it’s a chore. This just doesn’t do it for me anymore man! The excitement of it gets killed when she complains and when she does actually start sucking, I’m always disappointed.

I had this bright idea about how I could get more oral pleasure if I just take care of her first before I start making my own demands. This is when I purchased the Gold Package from your company. I won’t admit this too often but I am rarely right with my ideas or hunches. This time though, I was spot on! I started with the Hitachi Magic Wand alone and then worked my way up to penetrating her with the Wonder Wand. She fucken LOVES IT and can’t get enough. I use the wand on her for 30 minutes or so and after 2 orgasms, she has had enough and ready to give back.

My problem only got solved halfway though. Having her give me oral pleasure is not a challenge anymore. She is happy to do it after every session with the Hitachi Magic Wand. The problem now is she just isn’t any good at it. I tried to tell her that you have to concentrate on the tip while stroking the shaft. She doesn’t want to listen and can’t seem to get it right. What am I supposed to do now!?! Help!


Stay tuned for the response provides to Adam. It’s classic!

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