Hitachi Magic Wand Amazon Purchases And What You Need To Know

Hitachi Magic Wand Amazon Purchases And What You Need To Know

Many customers ask if the Hitachi Magic Wand Amazon version is the authentic massager or if its a cheaper replica passing on to be the real device?  Answering this question is slightly harder than what most would think so let us attempt to explain the differences:

Hitachi Magic Wand AmazonPurchases made on marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay and more require sellers to sign up and fulfill their items when they are sold.  The process of becoming an approved seller on these marketplace websites is fairly easy and doesn’t require much information to get started.  Unfortunately, the checks and verification of products listed also don’t get the detail that would 100% verify that a seller is selling an authorized product from an authorized distributor.  Meaning, most sellers can sell items listed as a “Magic Wand Original®” but pass off a replica to the consumer who may not be as educated about real versus fake magic wands.  In all fairness, sellers on marketplace websites often don’t know they are passing on a replica item themselves if they happen to purchase their Magic Wand’s from distributors or wholesalers who obtained the replica items themselves.

Hitachi Magic Wand AmazonHitachi Magic Wand Amazon purchases can be legitimate if there is some research done in advance to keep you knowledgeable about how to spot a real magic wand.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the device before you purchase and always remember, if the price seems too low and too good to be true, it most likely is.  We are always available for questions or suggestions so please feel free to contact us anytime.

If you would like to obtain a guaranteed original Magic Wand with a full 1 year warranty at a reasonable price, check out our offers below:

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