Hitachi Magic Wand in the Car?

This chick wants it with a Hitachi Magic Wand in the car.

Joey, someone who heard about the powers about the Hitachi Magic Wand, recently reached out to us with a funny story we had to share with our audience. Read below about how he and his co-worker got a little carried away with the Hitachi Magic Wand in the CAR!

Hi Guys,

My name is Joey and I’m a 26-year-old guy from Michigan. I recently started to work for this credit union by my house and my experience has been very different working at this place. I guess it’s safe to admit that I am a lady’s man (hope I don’t sound like a douche) but the ladies do love me. I have already had 47 sex partners in my life and my friends tell me that’s a LOT. Anyway, you guys don’t care about that so I will get to my point soon.

I met Jessica at work and we kind of gave each other the eye right from the start. This girl was beautiful. She was Latina, had a great rack, a killer ass and an amazing smile to complete the package. We went to lunch a couple times and messed around in my car. This girl knows how to work those lips if you know what I mean. Last Friday, I asked her to go to a local Chinese restaurant with me because I wanted some Kung Pow chicken and a little Kung Pow in the car for dessert.

Jessica insisted that she drives today which I thought was kind of weird because she was very adamant and never really offers to drive other times. I went with it and we drove to lunch in her Jeep. We had a pretty good lunch and got back in her car to park somewhere quiet we can mess around. Today was different though and I could feel her being extra nervous. I even asked her straight up “What’s with you today?” She said, “I want to try something different but I don’t want you to get weird or trip out.” At this point, I am super curious to know what she was talking about.

Hitachi Magic Wand

This chick pulls out a large vibrator from her back seat and says “Want to do me?” I was like “What the F***?” I mean I have seen and played with vibrators before with my ladies but never in the car or during the day at lunch. Jessica says, “This is my Hitachi Magic Wand, one of my best friends in the world.” Who am I to judge her or turn down a freak that wants to get pleasured by me? So I took the Hitachi Magic Wand and went to town on her. Jessica had a plug socket in her car and everything so we plugged this thing in and I started to rub her up and down.

Within about 2 minutes, she was breathing very heavy and thrusting her body up and down in the uncomfortable position she was in. Then she did something I never thought would happen so quickly! She totally had an orgasm with this massager! I have never seen a woman climax so fast and intense which is why I had to write to you guys about my experience. I am now officially a huge fan of your Hitachi Magic Wand and use it on my partners and myself all the time. The girls think I’m a freak when I bring this thing out but they thank me when I do.

Keep up the good work!

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