Hitachi Magic Wand vs. Adam&Eve Massager reviews the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Adam&Eve massager.

With such a massive over supply of different massager manufacturers, how is one to decide on what is the best massager when they’re in the market for one? There are many comparable massagers that exist but one that sticks out above the rest and remains in everyone’s mind is the Hitachi Magic Wand. Adam&Eve, an adult online retailer, has produced a replica version of the Hitachi Massager called the “Magic Massager.” Take a close look at the differences between the Hitachi Wand and the Magic Massager as we review both these massagers.

Adam&Eve MassagerThe Magic Massager is a very similar, in appearance at least, massager that Adam&Eve has produced. At a first glance, you will see that the basic color scheme is different from the Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s almost as if they thought people wouldn’t be able to relate the two if they used red and white colors instead of the blue and white colors the Hitachi Wand is known for. The Magic Massager has the same exact features as the Hitachi Massager such as 2 speeds, a flexible neck, power plug and a cord that is up to 5 feet long. The problem with this device is when you look at the internals of the massager, which most consumers will not do, this item and the Hitachi Magic Wand are NOTHING alike.

Hitachi Magic WandThe Hitachi Wand is made in Japan, which is something most people really pay attention to when they want a quality product. The Adam&Eve Magic Massager is made in China which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not made well. But when comparing an item that is made in Japan vs an item that is made in China, it’s kind of hard to compare apples to apples. There are many benefits of choosing the Hitachi Magic Wand over the Adam&Eve Magic Massager and quite honestly, it’s a no brainer. Let’s look at the facts for a minute here: The original Hitachi Wand comes with a full 1-year manufacturers warranty, which covers any defects. The Hitachi is known to last 10+ years and will never leave you stranded when you need to go for a magical ride. The Adam&Eve Massager does not come with a long-term warranty and your purchase will really be hit or miss as to it malfunctioning. Last but not least…and this is the best part which is down right comical, the Adam&Eve Magic Massager is $54.95 plus shipping and handling which is the same EXACT price sells the real deal for!

So ask yourselves. If you’re going to dish out some hard earned cash on a massager, don’t you want a brand name like Hitachi with 30+ years of history behind it if it’s the same price as a cheaper imitation? Ohh COME ON, of course you do!

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