Hitachi Massager vs. The Wahl 4120 Massager

Hitachi Massager vs. The Wahl 4120 Massager
There are many massagers on the market that could be considered “the best.” There are many vibrators that are available for people who just want to use it for masturbation. However, the Hitachi Massager and the Wahl Massager are both multi-purpose massagers that could be concealed as regular back massagers. Read below about the differences between the two and which one you should consider when in the market for a massager.

The Wahl 4120 massager is a decent massager made by a great company who has been in business for years. Wahl, who is famous for making hair clippers, decided to go into the massager market a few years back when they saw what the competition was producing. There is nothing negative that could be said about the Wahl because it is a good massager. The only complaint people have is that it’s too heavy and bulky when you want to use it for your private areas and on your back. Let’s face it, you want to be able to move around the massager when you are using it for your private time and the Wahl 4120 makes it a little difficult.

Pros: Produced by a well-known company. Low Price. Comes with attachments.
Cons: Bulky. Heavy. No Warranty. Can be a little loud.
Final Summary: A good massager for those who are very price sensitive and don’t care about the size of this machine.

The Hitachi Massager (model HV250R) is a massager/vibrator that has been the best selling item for the past 30 years. Hitachi, well known for their quality in anything they manufacture, made the Hitachi Massager with the intent of just being a massager. After people started to purchase this device 30 years ago, they found that the real benefit of the Hitachi Massager comes from it’s unique design which entails a flexible neck and a soft 2.5 inch diameter head which is amazing when pressed firmly against the vagina or male genital areas. Featured in many pornographic movies due to its popularity and strong design, the Hitachi Massager is the leader in sexual and non-sexual massagers.

Pros: Well known massager for over 30 years. 1-year manufacturers warranty. Available accessories for sexual penetration. Made in Japan. Lightweight design and not bulky.
Cons: Can be a little loud.
Price: $69.99
Final Summary: The Hitachi Massager is the best in the world and everyone who owns one could attest to this. Wahl and many other companies have tried to compete with this device but just can’t come close to the original Hitachi Massager.

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