Is anal sex more common today and could the Hitachi Wand be used?

Is anal sex more common today and could the Hitachi Wand be used?
The forbidden area for a woman and a man could be considered the anal region. Many women in the past have gone their whole life without even a thought of experimenting with anal sex but is that still the case today? So what is it about back door entry that makes some women feel uncomfortable while it entices others? Where is the fine line and if there is a way to convince your partner to have anal sex with you, how should you approach it? Could the Hitachi Wand be used for anal sex and possible double penetration? Read below for answers to these common anal sex questions.

Some women have been curious about anal sex but have never actually tried it because they are afraid their partner will not respect them or even worse think they are a freak! This is hardly the case these days. The fact is, anal sex is a normal part of sexual activity and could be quite amazing for both parties if done correctly. When you’re ready to have the conversation about anal sex for the first time with your partner, we suggest bringing it up in a very nonchalant way. This discussion is usually best when you are both watching TV or just hanging out. We suggest not pushing the subject too much and try not to make it sound like you’re desperate for it, even though you may be desperately shooting for some back door fun. If you get past the first hurdle of convincing your partner to experiment with anal sex, you have completed the hard part. Now for the fun part…

Anal EzeThe average penis could be too thick for anal entry the first time without some preparation so we suggest the following: 1. Go and purchase water based lube such as ID Glide, Gun Oil or KY lube. Anal Eze actually works great as well so you can try a bottle and see how you like it. 2. Start by making sure his/her anal area is well lubed and try inserting your finger in first. This will seem uncomfortable at first but after a while, your partner will get used to it. Repeat this step until your partner is ready for 2 fingers at once. Keep in mind friends that this isn’t a race to the finish line and experimenting gently in this area is crucial to the long term success of your anal sex life. In another words, don’t be too aggressive and take your time. 3. Once your partner feels comfortable with your fingers, we suggest experimenting with the Hitachi Wand. The Wonder Wand attachment, which is made for the Hitachi Wand, would be a great “next” step in your anal stimulation journey. Insert the Wonder Wand using plenty of lube into your partner slowly and then you can turn on the device (low speed to start) and see how your partner likes it. We are almost positive that if these steps are followed in the proper order, your partner will enjoy or at least be willing to keep trying anal fun with you.

Once you have tried all the steps above, you are ready to insert your penis in him/her. We encourage safe sex so please make sure you use a condom or practice other forms of safe sex with your partner. Having an extreme orgasm with anal sex is very possible and most men and women LOVE climaxing with anal sex. Please let know if you have any other questions or suggestions about this topic or any other sexual related topic we could help with. Now go and have some fun!!!

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