Save money elsewhere and enjoy the Hitachi Wand

Read about a little email our customer Fred sent us after he and his wife decided to budget then spring for the Hitachi Wand.

I’ve done it! I’ve managed to save four hundred dollars this month to put towards our annual vacation. I never thought that I would be able to do this, but by cutting down on unnecessary luxuries, and watching what we do with the food shopping I showed my wife the bank statement last night and she was as shocked as I was happy!

The thing with us is because we have no children, (and therein lays another story) somehow we always manage to spend more than we earn because we constantly ‘treat’ each other to things that we really don’t need, (or sometimes even want!) and that was what happened with my gym and spa membership. Nerys, my wife, bought me the annual membership because she thought it would save money on paying every time I went. Now that was all well and good when I was going about three-four times a week, but since things have been busy at work, I’m usually lucky if I manage that much in a month.

So I decided last month to cancel the annual plan and go back to paying when I get there. That on its own has saved nearly two hundred dollars. I then decided to get savvy with our grocery shopping. In the past if we liked the look of a certain item of food, it would go into the trolley regardless of the cost. If we wanted it, we had it and that was also true of luxuries like the kind of shampoo and shower gel we would buy. If it had a ‘name,’ then it must be good.

So last month I decided to give one of the budget, ‘everything for a dollar,’ stores a try. They have perfectly good bargains in the way of toiletries and household cleaning products. By buying there and making a list for food shopping, there was another two hundred dollars saved over a month. (It all adds up, doesn’t it?)

Hitachi Wand

Well with all this money saved, I decided to treat Nerys, but not in the way I normally would. She likes to have a massage, so I bought her a Hitachi Wand from you guys instead of booking her into the spa. With one small amount out of what I had already saved, it means she can have all the massages she wants without it costing any more. The added bonus to that, (and I haven’t told her yet,) is that the Hitachi Wand is also a vibrator! I have to say I’m looking forward to some extra fun in the bedroom this month too. Who needs a gym membership when you can have a sexy workout?

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