Who sells the authentic Magic Wand Massager?

Is your Magic Wand Massager Real?

One of the most common questions asked today is where to buy the Magic Wand Original and how to spot a replica?  With many price sensitive websites offering the iconic Magic Wand Massager for a fraction of what other reputable stores are offering it for, how does one know if the Magic Wand Massager they are purchasing is the real deal?

Magic Wand MassagerUnfortunately, there is no sure way of telling if the Magic Wand you purchased is authentic or not with the exception of having it inspected for correct serial numbers, motor configuration, and weight.  However, here are three basic questions to ask when trying to determine if the Magic Wand Original is authentic or not.  Now remember, this is just a guide and not a full guaranteed verification the Magic Wand Original.



  1.  Price Price Price.  The Magic Wand does not retail for $25 to $50 so anyone claiming the wand is authentic and is selling it to you for this price range is most likely trying to pass off a replica.  Be aware of low priced wands since this is one of the easiest way to quickly tell a real from a fake.
  2. Warranty.  Ask if the Magic Wand Massager comes with a warranty and how long this warranty period is for.  The Magic Wand Massager comes with a full 1-year warranty.
  3. If the motor is in the head of the wand, its a replica.  If you have purchased a Magic Wand Massager and happen to take it apart (Not Recommended At All) and see the motor of the device is in the head of the Magic Wand Massager instead of in the body, you have a replica.  Don’t be afraid to test sellers on this fact by asking where the motor is location on their Magic Wand Massager before you purchase.

There is many more ways to authenticate a Magic Wand Massager but the above will be the fastest and easiest to do for consumers.  If you have any questions about this quick guide, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist as best as we can.  We do not confirm authenticity from wands purchased from other retailers so your best bet is to purchase from a authorized dealer and ask all your verification questions before you purchase. You could purchase the 100% Guaranteed Magic Wand Original and Magic Wand Rechargeable directly here as well.


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