Is the Magic Wand Original hard to find?

Searching far and wide for the Magic Wand Original?

There are officially hundreds if not thousands of retailers selling the Magic Wand Original, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, today.  What most consumers don’t realize is that most of these retailers are not actually selling the Magic Wand Original.  They are selling a copy of the magic wand due to low manufacturing costs with a subpar item from all around the world.  Does this mean that all these retailers are misinformed and unknowingly selling replicas instead of an authentic magic wand?  The answer to this question is actually Yes and No.

It is a safe assumption that most retailers (online or in brick and mortar stores) do sell the replica version of the Magic Wand Original due to an unbelievable low price and healthy sales margins. When they sell replica wands and pass them off as an “original” item to the consumer, this becomes illegal and unethical.  The most disturbing part about this illegal practice is most consumers don’t know what to look for or won’t even know how to differentiate a replica from an Magic Wand Original.  This quite frankly makes us sick to our stomach which is why we have written so many articles on how to identify a replica massager over a Magic Wand Original.  Just take a look at a couple below:

Buying a real Magic Wand Original

Identifying a real wand over a replica

There are a small volume of retailers who just aren’t informed about the Magic Wand Original and what an original wand consists of from a quality and craftsmanship perspective.  This is why these specific retailers will sell a $9 dollar replica wand which is quite frankly dangerous to use for long periods due to potential fire hazards from these non CE or ETL approved massagers.  We hope these specific retailers find articles such as this one and reach out to us for additional information about verifying a Magic Wand Original over a fake wand.

As your trusted source for the Magic Wand Original, we are here to inform, educate and please our customers for many years to come.  Please feel free to contact us about any of our best selling Wand packages.

Magic Wand Original

Identifying a real Hitachi Wand over a Fake Massager

 Real Hitachi Wand vs. Fake Massagers

There is nothing worse that buying an item online or in a brick & mortar store, believing that it’s an authentic item, only to realize you have been duped into buying a replica.  Often times, sellers themselves don’t know items they sell to consumers are replicas which is why we have decided to provide an extensive guide on identifying the real Hitachi Wand from the fake versions.

Different countries from all over the world have attempted to replicate the Hitachi Wand and quite honestly have come close.  However, reading this guide will give consumers the advantage over unscrupulous sellers who sell fake massagers and stamp the “Hitachi” name on it.  Today, we will provide pictures, descriptions and other identifying factors for a fake Hitachi Wand, the real Hitachi Wand HV250R and the brand new real Magic Wand Original HV260.

Hitachi Wand Comparisons

Starting with the boxes of these massagers, the top massager box in the picture above is a verified fake box to the Hitachi massager.  Common areas where this box has been seen from is China, Africa and Korea.  Not to say that these countries don’t produce high quality products, this guide is merely to help consumers identify a fake Hitachi Wand box and what to look out for.  The printing quality of the top box will be distorted and the colors just don’t look correct compared to the middle and bottom boxes which are both authentic boxes for two Hitachi models.

The Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R has been the best selling massager for over 30 years and hasn’t changed much in looks/functionality.  As of June 2013, the HV250R was replaced by the HV260 which is almost identical but has slight changes we will discuss below.  Just to clear the record, both the HV250R & HV260 are authentic Hitachi Massagers which will provide quality performance for years to come.

Hitachi Wands


The picture above shows the replica Hitachi massager (TOP), the verified authentic Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R (Middle) and the verified authentic Magic Wand Original HV260 (Bottom).  From your first glance, these massagers all look very similar but the functionality and performance is only true and consistent with 2 out of the 3 massagers, (HV250R & HV260).  Let us take a deeper look at the differences between these 3 massagers below:

Fake Hitachi WandThe replica/fake massager pictured to the left is definitely poorly made.  The first and easiest give away that a Hitachi massager is fake from the weight of the device.  As you can see , this replica massager only weighs 15 ounces which is a lot lighter (almost half a pound) than the real Hitachi Wand versions we will describe.  So what else is wrong with it you ask?  Well for starters, this massager is not UL certified which is a very important aspect to look for when buying a household electronic appliance.  Buying a massager that is not UL certified, such as this one, can catch on fire.  Yes, we have heard horror stories about this happening quite a bit.  This replica massager comes in a 2-speed version, just like the authentic HV250R & HV260, but the power is just not there.  We purchased this replica massager from a major online price sensitive site (Name cannot be mentioned but you get the picture).  We turned on the massager and compared it side by side with the real Hitachi Wand versions and quickly noticed how poor the quality really is.  Here is also the big kicker, this replica wand actually stopped working for us just 1 week of purchasing it due to an electrical issue with the cord.  It would not start and was useless within 7 days.

Hitachi Magic Wand HV250RThe Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R pictured to the left has been the best selling authentic massager for over 30 years.  This real Hitachi Wand is very high quality and extremely well priced compared to other massagers.  Coming in at 1lb 5 ounces, this massager is heavy duty and packs a big punch when it’s turned on.  Many people keep the massager in the low speed function because it’s plenty but if you are the type of person who needs an aggressive massager, the HV250R is perfect for you.  This massager comes with a 1-year FULL manufacturers warranty and protects consumers from defects if any should occur with this wand.

Magic Wand Original HV260RThe Magic Wand Original, also made by Hitachi, is the newest massager to the Hitachi brand.  The HV260 actually is replacing the HV250R and has some very minor changes to the massager itself.  Our sources explained that Hitachi wanted a new colored box, a slight change to the massagers weight which makes it lighter but just as strong as the HV250R.  The Magic Wand Original comes in at 1lb 4 ounces (1 ounce less) which cannot be justified or felt when holding both massagers together (HV250R & HV260).  Consumers should rest assure that this Magic Wand Original is almost exactly like the Hitachi HV250R and also comes with a FULL 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Below are 5 updated reasons in knowing your Hitachi Wand is authentic:

  1. The Hitachi HV250R & HV260 does not have a removable foam head.  The head can be removed if forced but is not not supposed to be forced off.  Fake Hitachi massagers actually have the foam head come off easily due to a poor fitment design.
  2. Only the HV250R & HV260 are heavy (see weight above) which leaves the replica massagers weighing less than 1 pound.
  3. The Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R and the Magic Wand Original HV260 has a rocker switch with the off position being in the middle. It will have the low speed in one direction and a high speed in another direction.  Replica massagers usually don’t have this functionality.
  4. The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for both the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R and Magic Wand Original HV260 is $54.95 as of June 2013.  What this means is true Hitachi Wand retailers such as cannot sell a real Hitachi Wand for less than $54.95.  If you see the HV250R & HV260 selling for less than this price, BE AWARE because it could be a replica!
  5. The Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R and the Magic Wand Original HV260 is currently (as of June 2013) designed in Japan while being assembled in China.  What this means is the device goes through the rigorous tests and structure improvements in Japan.  All the parts are then shipped to China for assembly.

As always, is here to help answer any questions about these massagers so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Magic Wand Massager still number one

The Magic Wand Massager still is number one

What makes the Magic Wand Massager the number one selling massager in North America?  The design of this massager hasn’t changed much in the past 30 years so what makes it so much in demand?

Magic Wand MassagerThe Magic Wand Massager has a 2 speed design which is powerful yet dependable when it’s needed due to it’s high quality Japanese design.  There is many questions that arrise about the Magic Wand Massager and where it is actually made.  The truth is, most electronic items such as the iPhone or a Visio TV are made in China but have craftsman ship design from all over the world.  The Magic Wand Massager for example is designed and manufactured in Japan but the massager itself is assembled in China.  Many companies are taking this approach for multiple reasons which include but is not limited financial benefits.

The iPhone, by Apple, for example is designed in California as you will see on the box but the phone itself along with many of the accessories are in fact assembled in China.  What is the downfall of this strategy though?  Well, there really isn’t much of a downfall other than the fact that US manufacturing is not reaping the financial benefits of manufacturing and assembling these products in USA.  There is controversy around this topic because most will agree that many manufacturing jobs in the US have in fact been off-shored.

The Magic Wand Massager, currently manufactured by Hitachi LTD, is still a leading multi-use massager because people rely on the name the Magic Wand Massager is backed up by.  The corded 2-speed design is highly recommended by many people and there have been thousands of happy customers around the world who swear by this massager for personal and therapeutic reasons.  Just take a look at the customer reviews from about this device and you will see many happy customers who enjoy and appreciate a high quality product.

With discussions of the Hitachi Magic Wand changing it’s name to the Magic Wand Original, many people are curious as to how this change will affect the quality of the Magic Wand Massager.  From our perspective, this device will continue to be the best selling massager anyone could purchase for under $100.  Currently at $54.95, the Magic Wand Massager is a steal and even comes with a 1-year warranty which protects consumers from any defects with the Magic Wand Massager if any were to arise.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Magic Wand Massager or any of the amazing Magic Wand Massager Attachments which are custom tailored  for this device.