The Magic Wand – Hitachi produced a vibrator that stands above the rest

The Magic Wand by Hitachi

The Magic Wand by Hitachi has been the veteran of massagers/vibrators. Hitachi made the massager product model HV-250R, never updated it’s style and still remains to be one of the most desirable massagers in the world. When asking people about the magic wand, you will almost always get the same response, “It’s timeless and consistent.” Let’s face it, people don’t really like change. I know we all have read motivational books on change and how change is evident at one point in each of our lives but Hitachi had a different idea about their product. Their strategy was not to change anything about an item that was so perfect.

With a name like Hitachi, it’s very easy for consumers to trust the brand and expect it to perform to certain standards. When someone thinks Hitachi, they think machinery, tools, electronics and…Vibrators. The magic wand has been a product that Hitachi doesn’t advertise on television or the Internet like their other products. The reason for this is because those who know about the the magic wand and it’s powers don’t need an advertisement showing them this. Branding, as most successful CEO’s, entrepreneurs and other business icons will tell you is key to the success of any product. Why could Starbucks sell a cup of coffee for $5? Branding of course. Any well-branded company could charge a premium for a product as long as the reputation stands behind the product. After all, our reputation is all we have.

Although the magic wand by Hitachi was available for sale worldwide, retailers and wholesalers in the United States are limited to selling the magic wand only in North America and Canada. Hitachi Magic currently sells the magic wand for the lowest price ($54.95) available in stores or online. The reason why does this is to pass on the benefits directly to you. Your wellness and happiness is our number one priority and we take pride in this.

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