A look inside the Hitachi Magic Wand Plus Model HV-265

Ever wonder what the inside of your Hitachi Wand plus massager looks like? Want to know what kind of craftsmanship goes into actually making one of these amazing wand massagers? Today, we take apart an authentic Hitachi Magic Wand Plus Massager, model HV-265. As of August 2019, this is the newest addition to the Magic Wand family and already a huge hit with many customers. If you aren’t sure what the differences are between the Magic Wand Plus, Cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable, and the Original Magic Wand, you may want to skip to this page first which shows the visual differences between these models.

The below images are for informational purposes only. It is not recommended to open up your own device as any repairs needed to be completed should be done so under the warranty which comes with every Magic Wand Massager model. Also, trying to open your Magic Wand in an attempt to fix it yourself should your unit not be functioning properly will void your 1-year warranty. Without further ado, let’s start with some details about the Magic Wand Plus Massager.

As you will notice below, the Hitachi Magic Wand Plus model is a multi-speed device (4 speed) device with three distinct buttons. The speeds of the Magic Wand are toggled with a “+” & “-” button which will increase or decrease the power level of this device. There is also an On/Off button for operating your device. Please keep in mind that the Magic Wand Plus is NOT a cordless massager. The charging adapter included with this device must be plugged in for the massager to function. Should you want to get yourself the cordless Magic Wand, you could do so here. The Magic Wand Plus personal massager comes with 4 vibration speeds peaking at 6,300 rotations per minute (RPM) and starting off at a timid 2,700 RPM.

Magic Wand Plus Front View

Magic Wand Plus

In the image below, you will notice how there are no visual screws showing on the body of the Magic Wand Plus Massager. This is because the Magic Wand Plus model has plastic safety caps that cover the three screws which hold the body of this Hitachi Vibrator intact. Removing these caps is no easy task and this may have been done specifically so consumers wouldn’t remove the screws. This would force any needed repairs to be completed by an electrical professional. This really is a good decision to reduce the chances of inexperienced people opening the massager and possibly causing damage to themselves or the unit.

Specific to the Magic Wand Plus massager, these units actually have a power adapter release button built into the massager. This requires consumers to press this button (shown below) before removing the adapter after use. This is actually a great benefit since many adapters and massagers were damaged in the past by customers yanking the cord out of the device. Now, you must press a button on the Magic Wand Plus HV-265. This should reduce the number of damaged cords and devices significantly.

The Magic Wand Plus comes with a plush silicone head which feels great on the skin. Also, each Magic Wand Plus model will have a Magic Wand seal explaining some of the details of this device. You can view both of these below.

Magic Wand Plus Back View

As you can see in the image below, the screw safety caps were removed and the three Phillps screws are visible now. There are two additional screws on the top part of the massager neck that needs to be removed for the device to open. The two screws on the top part of the massager are not shown below. The blue bendable neck has a spring that allows the head to flex slightly during use. This is an excellent benefit for those who really want to pinpoint the massager head into a specific section of the body.

Magic Wand Plus Back View

As you can see in the image below, the Magic Wand vibrator is open.

The first thing you will notice is the huge motor that is inside the body of the massager. This is where all authentic Magic Wand motors reside. Many cheaper replica devices house a smaller motor in the head of the unit, not in the body. You don’t want these.

The circuit board is carefully attached to the body of the Magic Wand Massager and allows the device to be operated by the buttons shown in the first picture above. As you could see, the design is clean, well thought out by the engineers responsible and extremely high-quality. You definitely get what you pay for with this device and will appreciate the performance for many years.

Magic Wand Plus Internal View

We hope you enjoyed this article and now have a better idea of how your Magic Wand Plus looks inside. Since we opened the device and showed you the internals, hopefully, it will deter you from doing the same and voiding your factory warranty. Please keep in mind, all repairs should be completed under the factory 1-year warranty that is included with every Hitachi Magic Wand. Should you want to purchase one of these devices, you can do so directly below:

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