Hitachi Magic Wand – Top 5 massagers & vibrators for women

Top 5 Massagers & Vibrators for women including the Hitachi Magic Wand.
There are many choices when it comes to deciding on which vibrator to purchase. There are more than 50 companies that manufacture, distribute and retail popular massagers/vibrators. Deciding which item is right for you could be very confusing and irritating. Times have changed and although a $15 vibrator might satisfy you, most people will spend a little more towards a vibrator they want to last and pleasure them for many years to come. Hitachi Magic, a California based online retailer of the Hitachi Magic Wand, provides a review of the top 5 popular and most purchased vibrators by consumers in the United States.

To start, you will have to decide what you’re looking for in a massager or vibrator. There are a number of choices when deciding what type of product you want and there are of course pros and cons for each of them. Cordless, with a cord, strong, quiet, multi-speed, style, price, brand and many more factors play into deciding which one is right for you. Hitachi Magic will cover all of the main points you will want to consider when making your purchase below:

1. Hitachi Magic Wand – The Hitachi massager has been a top selling massager/vibrator for over 25 years brought to you by a brand that doesn’t specialize in adult toys. Hitachi, a Japanese company, sells everything from construction tools to computer products. The Hitachi wand has been a global favorite for years due to its quality, strength, consistent style and price.
• Price – $69.99
• Pros – High quality, 1-year manufacturers warranty, multi speed, Made in Japan, many known accessories made for it, well know to please.
• Cons – Not cordless, 80’s look/style, louder than other vibrators
• Overall Review – This is an amazing, reasonably priced and well-known product that continues to satisfy women & men across the world.
2. LELO ISLA – LELO, a Swedish adult toy manufacturer launched in 2003, sells sleek and ultra stylish looking vibrators for women who pay attention to the style of their adult product. The ISLA is one of LELO’s newer models and has taken a good amount of market share for high-end vibrators.
• Price – $159
• Pros – Sleek design, cordless, multi-speed, 1-year manufacturers warranty.
• Cons – Price
• Overall Review – There is nothing bad to say about the LELO ISLA because it truly is an amazing vibrator. However, the price is almost triple the amount of other vibrators. LELO has clearly identified marketing this product to the high-end clientele that is willing to pay a certain price to play.
3. Pipedream Products Wall Banger Deluxe – Pipedream, one of the largest adult toy manufacturers, has been in the business of selling adult products for over 20 years. The Wall Banger Deluxe unit, one of Pipedreams popular products, has done well in sales due to it’s unique suction cup design that can be placed on the floor, wall or almost any other flat surface.
• Price – $44.99
• Pros – Suction cup design, waterproof, clitoris stimulation design.
• Cons – AA battery driven, lower quality design, cheaper versions of this device have been introduced, no warranty, made in China.
• Overall Review – This is a good product if you want to use something in the shower and to throw it around. The quality is not amazing and should be considered before buying.
4. California Exotic Novelties Miracle Massager – California Exotic Novelties has been in the adult business for about 10 years and has a good amount of vibrating toys for men and women. The miracle massager, a cosmetically similar copy of the Hitachi Wand, is an item they have carried for a long time. Although the look of the Miracle Massager is similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand, there is a huge difference in quality and craftsmanship.
• Price – $26.47
• Pros – Price
• Cons – Lightweight design, plug in type, has been known to stop working within weeks of first use, no warranty, Made in China.
• Overall Review – The Miracle Massager is far from a miracle. This product is perfect for someone who wants to experiment with his or her first adult massager. We ultimately believe he or she will be disappointed with the quality and functionality of this item.
5. Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibe – Doc Johnson, founded in 1976, has been a leader in the adult toy business for many years. There is no doubt that this company produces quality products at a certain price point. The Velvet Touch Vibe, however, isn’t in the price point that would be considered quality. This vibe is actually liked by many consumers because of its price.
• Price – $9.49
• Pros – Price, lightweight, waterproof, multi-speed
• Cons – Low quality vibrator, breaks easily, AA batteries required.
• Overall Review – The Velvet Touch Vibe is a great vibrator for just about anyone because of its low cost. We believe everyone should own this device, strictly as a backup plan. The quality is definitely not up to par but for $9.49, what do you have to lose?

This comparison review was written by The information above is provided from data compiled from the actual companies as mentioned. Please feel free to contact Hitachi Magic for any questions or Hitachi Magic Wand product information.

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