Keep it alive with the Hitachi Magic Wand

Men could easily get bored from the love of their life but this doesn’t mean that a marriage has to come to an end.  You just have to spice things up and bit and this can be done with the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Read about one man who got confirmation from a friend that a change indeed is needed.

What do they say about familiarity breeding contempt? I have always hated that saying as it infers that when you have known someone for a long time that boredom is almost certainly going to set in. I never wanted to acknowledge that fact with my wife and I but I am afraid that I have had to.

We have got to the stage where we always make love in the same way. It’s almost always me on top, under the duvet and with the lights off. Now I know it works for both of us, and it does mean we can get it over and done with and off to sleep quickly, but I am starting to want something a bit different.

What got me thinking about being slightly dissatisfied was the fact that a friend of mine had loaned me some porn movies. These are something I haven’t bothered with for a long time, but they got me to thinking. Watching all those women on there with a look of ecstasy on their face while being made love to really got me thinking about my wife. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love her like crazy, but she never seems to show much excitement if you know what I mean. I have been longing to watch her face when she orgasms, but she won’t let me turn the light on. I know she’s a bit self-conscious about her appearance these days, but I am the first one to admit that I am not the man I was when we met either. I also have a few gray hairs and have put some weight on. The difference is, that I have embraced these changes as part of getting older but I don’t think that my wife has. She gets embarrassed being naked in front of me, but the truth is, I prefer her having more curves than she used to. It just makes her more womanly and sexy to me, I just need to get her to realize it too.

Hitachi Magic WandI had a private word with my friend to see whether his wife was the same, and he confirmed that she was but apparently that all changed when he bought her the Hitachi Magic Wand. He told me that at first they used the Hitachi Wand under the bedcovers, but that in time she had let him use it on her with the lights on. He says that now she is having the most fabulous orgasms and that tensions between them are almost all gone. This is something I am going to buy from you guys as soon as my wages come through this month, and let’s hope we get the same results. 🙂

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