Why the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is the best Sex Toy?

How does one choose the best Sex Toy?  Do you go by the best selling items?  What about the cheapest and highest quality items?  It’s often difficult to have the best in anything since this is mostly a subjective point of view.

We won’t bore you on reasons why a specific Sex Toy is better than another.  At least we won’t bore you with this today. 🙂  What we do want to talk about is the very popular, best selling massager in the world, the Magic Wand Original by Hitachi.

There are first a few things to cover about the Magic Wand Original.  This device is a corded device and DOES NOT come in a cordless version.  Be careful about replica wands claiming to be an authentic Hitachi as a cordless version.  One of the many reasons why the Magic Wand Original is such a hit is because of it’s relentless power which can “keep you going” until you get there.

Magic Wand Original Sex Toy

Hitachi LTD, who manufactures the Magic Wand Original, recently decided to change the name of this best selling massager from the Hitachi Magic Wand to the Magic Wand Original.  Needless to say, this is confusing many people out there and have even forced some people to think that the Magic Wand Original, since it doesn’t brand the Hitachi name on it’s box, is now a replica too.  This is absolutely false.  Sex Toy companies change names of toys all the time and since Hitachi is not well known for being a Sex Toy company, it makes sense that they wanted to re-brand their best selling massager which is mainly used for private reasons to a different name.  So let’s get into the specifics of this device for you detail craving individuals!

The Main Specifications of the Magic Wand Original HV-260

Maximum Operation:25 minutes
Power Source Voltage:110-120 Volts
Power Source Frequency:60Hz
Power Consumption:No watts (No-Load)
Vibration Frequency:Approx.
6000/min. (High)
5000/min. (Low)
Weight:1.2 lbs

There are a few safety concerns with the Magic Wand Original Sex Toy that any consumer will want to consider when buying this item.  Some of these are common sense but there is no harm in listing them here again:

  1. Never use this massager in the bath/shower.  Yes, this is an obvious one but we have received emails asking if it’s safe to do so.  What do you think our answer was? 🙂
  2. Do not use the wand massager more than 25-30 minutes of use at a time.  This item is an electronic device.  With all electronic devices, there are certain things to consider about redundant use.  The owners manual of the Magic Wand Original also reinforces this by stating “The continuous operation for more than 25 minutes makes the main case heat, transform and break down.”  You will want to stop after 25-30 minutes of use and let the massager cool down for at least 30 minutes before starting it up again.
  3. Many people like to reduce the strong vibrations of this massager by putting it under a pillow or bed sheet while operating.  Refrain from doing this because it creates excessive heating by blocking the air holes and could catch the wand on fire!  Substitute what you are trying to do with one of our many attachments.  Just a few of our best selling attachments are the G-Spotter, Wonder Wand, G-Tip and Tri-Gasm.
  4. Never operate the Magic Wand with the air openings blocked.  Things like hair, lint should be removed from this section if it does built up.  Make sure to only do this when the device is powered off.
  5. Last but not least, don’t carry the Magic Wand Original around by it’s cord and never swing it around like a ninja in the night!

 How to clean your Magic Wand Original 

The best way to clean the Magic Wand after use is to take a damp, not wet, warm wash cloth and gently wipe the plastic head of the device.  Repeating this step after every use will not only help preserve the wand and allow it to last for years but will also keep it from looking grimy.

What gives you the right to call this the best Sex Toy?

Thousands of happy customers around the world can’t be wrong.  The Magic Wand Original has been featured in main stream movies such as “Sex in the City,” and has had the same look/style for over 30 years.  Some things just are best untouched and this is especially true for the Magic Wand, AKA Hitachi Magic Wand.  This is the best Sex Toy because of it’s reasonable price, high quality design and a vast selection of attachments which work with this device and makes it unique in it’s very own way.

Why do you have so many different packages?

We have multiple packages available on HitachiMagic.com because we know selection is key online.  We also know that with thousands of sex toys available today, one could certainly be confused on what to purchase.  We simplified it for you.  Depending on what you’re looking for and what your budget is, you can get just about any combination of massager/attachments available today.  Just take a glimpse at some of our popular packages below:

Platinum PackageDiamond Package | Lady Love Package | Fem-Deluxe Package and many more!

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the best Sex Toy in our opinion and promise you will feel the same way once/if you own one.

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