M-Gasm for the Hitachi Magic Wand

Introducing the M-Gasm for the Hitachi Magic Wand!

Attention gentlemen and ladies who care about their men! HitachiMagic.com has officially released an amazing addition to your Hitachi Magic Wand called the “M-Gasm.” Why should the ladies have all the fun? Now, you can own your very own authentic Hitachi Magic Wand and M-Gasm attachment and join the party. The M-Gasm is a soft attachment made of Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which attaches to your Hitachi Massager and is used for male masturbation when your hand just doesn’t cut it. Sex Toys made of TPE are nothing new and have been proven to be the next best thing when compared to a woman’s vagina. The Fleshlight, a similar TPE male sex toy, has been the leader in male masturbation sales for the past 5 years due to their variety of styles, colors and adult star vagina selections.

So what’s different about the M-Gasm and why should anyone purchase the M-Gasm if the Fleshlight is already the leader in male masturbation toys? The answer is simple and very straightforward because the Fleshlight does not VIBRATE! You heard us right! The M-Gasm is custom designed to attach over your Hitachi Wand or any similar massager so you could have mind-blowing orgasms with a life like vagina. There are a few steps to follow to ensure the best time with the M-Gasm:

1. Give the M-Gasm a nice wash (WITHOUT SOAP!) when you first take it out of the package.
2. Fill up your sink or bathtub with HOT water and then let your M-Gasm submerge for about 15-20 minutes. We know, waiting this long just to rub one out could be stressful but trust us; it will be worth every minute!
3. Once you have the M-Gasm nice and warm, you can partially dry off the outer section of this toy and apply some water based lubricant to the penis entry tip of it as well as inside of it. We recommend using ID-Glide or Gun Oil because these are two of the best lubricants on the market. Keep in mind, you NEVER want to use an oil-based lubricant when using a toy made of TPE or other rubber type of material. It will destroy the M-Gasm or other toys quicker than you would like.
4.Once your M-Gasm is lubed up and warm, attach it to the head of your Hitachi Magic Wand. Keep in mind that the Hitachi is an electronic device so you don’t want the M-Gasm to be soaking wet or over-lubed.
5.Slide into your new lover (M-Gasm…Yes, this will be your new lover for a while) and try it out for a few pumps before turning on the Magic Wand to get the lubrication all over yourself.
6. Last but not least, turn on the Hitachi Massager and get ready to blow!
7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 daily and all your stress will disappear! 🙂

M-Gasm & Hitachi Magic Wand

You can try the M-Gasm by itself or with your Hitachi Magic Wand. If you don’t have a Hitachi Massager, you should definitely check out the Commando Package which includes the authentic Hitachi Magic Wand, M-Gasm, Wand Speed Controller (perfect extension cord) and a bottle of water based Gun Oil. Please let HitachiMagic.com know if you have any questions or need recommendations.

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