Ready For Hands Free Play With The Magic Wand Original Harness?

Ready For Hands Free Action With The Magic Wand Original Harness?

If you love the Magic Wand Original or the Magic Wand Rechargeable and are ready for hands free action, keep reading about a new accessory that just might blow your mind.

The Passion Pillow Universal Magic Wand Original Harness allows you to attach your favorite wand massager to any standard size pillow and enjoy pleasure time without the need of holding your massaging device.  Although some enjoy and appreciate the vibrations of holding the Magic Wand Original, now you can use this harness for ultimate bedroom pleasure in a true hands free manner!

Passion Pillow Universal Magic Wand Original HarnessThe Passion Pillow Magic Wand Original Harness also allows you to lay down on your back with your device on this pillow and massage those difficult to reach areas of the middle or lower back.  The pressure from your body sandwiching the harness/wand on top of your bed soothes your muscles and allow you to relax after a long and stressful day as the vibrations get to work on your entire areas of need.  Keep in mind that most non-waterproof wand massagers need the air inlet opening to be exposed to avoid device damage.  Consistent and lengthy use times with the entire wand massager covered under your pillow is not recommended.

This nylon based harness expands up to 58 inches in circumference with it’s adjustable straps and will work on both corded and cordless wand massagers. Currently available in the color black, the Passion Pillow Harness will fit most pillows between 9 to 28.5 inches in width and works with most massage wands including but not limited to the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Give the gift that keeps giving while your partner enjoys thrusting on the harness that will drive

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